October 8, 2014

my back yard

Here Parrots sound
We cant see them in 
Around green bushy trees
I work in my kitchen 
there is a sudden movement
across window 
Four parrots fighting
for one mango 
in my back yard garden
catch my eyes in between
my morning cooking.

Pardon me for the poor video quality...... its my window kitchen backyard mango tree............

This poem is shared with dVerse Poetics today where Marina Sofa prompts: "Write a poem about the happening in the corner of your eye."     

September 3, 2014

Best Friend

Its been a long time i have made my presence...... Work School function........... so much to do but i didnt want to miss this as i love claudia schoenfeld Work as well as her poem and want to make my time this time........ Sry for my short little appearance and not been active.......... Hope to work everything to normal............

So here is my pic and the poem to it...........
In the busy city
I work my way
Nothing so beautiful 
Top hill view
city of history
City with pride
Were i always love 
to spend rest of my life
Nothing more fun
With a coffee in hand
With the lovely aroma 
Spending my time 
quite and leisure
With mom my best friend to share

This poem is written for dVerse Poetics for my prompt over there.  Claudia Schoenfeld's Flickr page has may pic and many beautiful work I choose two of them to write my prompt.

August 13, 2014

Home Not home anymore

Born in a family
Married to another
Father mother now alone
But still not my home
Heart deep inside grown up space
Cant live their any more
My home is where my hubby lives
That is also not for me
Its only for in laws to live
Your space , privacy
all in stake.
only you have to adjust 
and live a life of discomfort
may wonder,
Where is my space
For I want my private state.......................

July 31, 2014


Hi friends I am writing after a long time.... This is in reality happening in India........... Ashamed of the incident. Now I feel its hunting me around... This little girl who is in the age of my son was raped by the teacher as punishment in a dark room, she is may not even have know how to toilet alone without an adult, She fell sick and didnt even say to her mother what happened, Luckly mother come to know ............... What teacher can do to their student in kindergarten or just passed kindergartner.

Hunted by the rumors
Found the realty
Why she didnt sleep
For she was in dark
Never to get up at all
Was pushed and punished 
for no reason of mischif
How will a mother sleep
after hearing
what will the mother do
Whats the future that holds
Poor child can she go to school again
will we have the power 
to send our children
School is second home
But now i feel
Scared to send my son
It may be a boy or a girl
Harassment is same as to everyone
What will we do
What is the future
is there a safe place 
No one need to attack us
As we have to attack our-self
For not respecting our life's
true values and hopes

 For Dverses prompt  Poet on DMT.....

June 25, 2014

Words are wisdom

Love care
Share to dare
I don't mind whats on my mind
all eases With a lovely smile
worries ponder
I wonder for words
swishes away the ponder
slack day
when bell play
like thunder to ears
Soft words fail
Sit quit Look back
Place your word on backside
pic of smiles
sweet memories will fly by
New day Will always
Open up
Hope with new start...

Today at dVerse Poetics Marina wants us to write about shattering and rebuilding, be it personal or in the world. My confidence is to read and write, My hubbys hope with my future is  bright and we want to walk together no matter what.
Our son is going to school and he is feeling down now all I want to do is keep talking to him to make him a strong person and give him hope saying this is new  Life of new friends.. I am so happy with the kids he is studying, all are giving him courage and hope and will be there for him to make him walk........ I see hope and courage in those little once words and smile........ they are only 6-7 year it amaze me how they all give him a worm welcome, hug him and make him feel light.......I thank God for having kids so sweet around him its his will that we are so fortunate to have such a school and such young  people with energy around.

June 24, 2014

Lost thought

Juggling between school and clinics
Operations and corridor
Doctor and teachers
Life for the little one
So hard and loom

Juggling and juggling
Thoughts tough
No clue to ponder
Little hopes wonder
Life for the little brain
Is hard to refrain

Juggling with life
Of faith and fair play
We pray everyday
To hope for a better living
Life for the little chap
Is hard and tough to gain.

June 18, 2014

World Around

Every place has a beauty
Just to see
Flower bloom
Bird squeegee
Animal roar
To see those 
through the eyes 
is a goods gift of life.

No wonder why
We don't see life
around the tiles
of your own homes alive.
But wonder 
across seas
Miles deep inside 
to search of world away 
then beside.

today at dVerse Abhra asks us where in the world we would love to be 


The Gap that grow over small fight never could be bridged
Words lost over anger could never got back
Broken bridge of life
For no return of glide.

Poetry Jam

June 11, 2014

Past to tell

that my great grand father and grandmother. me next to him in the traditional swing which is still part of our house.
Great Grandfather came to town
Leaving his ways back home
To make his children
The 1st pic  with my Grand ma and my bro sis
2nd pic my dads car (he still has it) 1975 ambasidar'
standing in the old house which i have written about.
3rd me and my sis in kodikannal holiday
last my younger bro birth day
Have a better life 
Five in total
Everyone so different
When I look back
I couldn't relate them
Each in their own ways
Now we have a home
a place of history that holds
I have grown up their
Now it holds a modern flats
Couldn't keep the whole big place
For safety and needs 
Now even in my dreams 
I cant forget
Those huge doors 
Those big trees 
With wells and bells
Flowers and leaves
Everywhere to please.
Now I see 
Only tall building 
Mobile towers
Nothing to easy
the eyes of needs

Grace has us write ancestors at dVerse today…

June 6, 2014

When Missed

Hi everyone... Sorry has taken a two weeks break from my write as My sons school is about to start had to make some preparation for that and the wonderful thing was we took a four day break to a hill station......Just relax and enjoy the cold breeze from the hot summer heat of 43*C without hubby.

Now for the Brian's prompt of the week "language and words are bri’s theme at dVerse today".

In the cold night breeze
Alone I sleep 
on top of the bunkers bed
With friends filled in the rest
No loud words
As I will wake others
All alone without you
I cant say any thing as now
Only a message was placed
"Miss You"
with no expected reply back 
But to my surprise
The man with no words
Sent back
"Me too"
What all to make the day special

May 28, 2014


Messiah drinking
From his aluminium Glass
and Eating his limited meals 
In an aluminium plat
Behind Wooden doors
Where no one knows
With his shadow
from the Luminous
Playing tricks
Of his persona
as a king.

May 21, 2014

Miles to before I sleep.............

Over @ dVerse, Mary has us writing to quotes...

    This is all time in my mind...... whenever I feel down I used to say Miles to go before I sleep and remember the story my teacher told me ..................Stopping by the woods -  
My miles are yet to be completed i will never know when it will end as in the poem Robert Frost horse doesn't know why he stops, in my life my husband used to wonder sometime what this girl is up to.. yes i just be inside me its hard to guess my thoughts prob its the effect of this poem which is so deep down buried in my heart.
Looking back the path
Where only memories last
I am just the ordinary women
To live thy dreams
Achieve each one of all 
Body is worn out now
Not a teen age girl to run around
Medical history is growing each day
Living a tough life thy
Hopes are still high
Achievements goals are higher
Sitting in 2/2 cubical
I write what I desire 
Filling my dreams
Opening my heart
For I have not lost
But has accommodated all
Still filling each cup
Drinking desires of life
Making each ordinary day
Meeting peoples 
Mails away....
Well Have to travel round the clock
of the world wide web
sitting in just 2/2 wooden block. 

May 14, 2014

Love to explore

Who are you and whom do you love? 
The women of dreams
dies for self of belonging
lives for her love
the one who loves 
One who keeps her as a queen

What else are you, that no one has seen before?
No one knows
I write my life out
My emotions are in control
for i have a friend to confess to
My online dairy
To be myself and expose

Describe a morning you woke without fear.

The day I am alone
on the shoulders of my love
In the dream land shore
over the toppest mount 
in Cloud No 9 of unknown

How will you know when you get there?

sleep like a baby
When I wake up
to the deep kiss of my love

Those are the questions, Marina has us answer for poetics at dVerse today… i answered all four of them…

May 9, 2014


"Where are you going sweet heart?"
Ask with a disappointment 
As she walks in angry
out of the bed

"I am talking to you"
she just doesn't show interest
as she is filled with grief.....

Pulling her closer
to face him straight on his chest

"Just don't got wild
I know you feel bad
For you have to adjust"

"Whats for me to adjust?
What for me to wait?
I am independent, 
I want my space"

"You always put me down
Never go for my taste
Where is my little privacy 
That I long for to fill my grace"

"Nor money Nor pride Nor fame 
I ask for you to chase"

"All I need is my private space
for a while to re juice my inner blaze"

This poem is written for dVerse Meeting the Bar, where Claudia is having us use conversation in poetry.  this most of us can relate to as it happens to our day to day life............

May 7, 2014

banana tree

I sprout from my mothers root
Grow to give a lovely fruit
My leaves are the best to eat food
South Indian marriage use to decorate
Their food is not complete with out my supplies
From the door till dinning floor
You can see my presence
Every part of me is used
I don't go waste or no good

Abhra has us write trees for dVerse today… This is a tree I always love as it is so auspicious and also it is also very useful in every way........... It gives fruit vegetable and all its leaf is good for eating as it takes away the toxin in food that is what it is believed.......................

April 27, 2014

Supress women

Man becomes a beast
Marrys to eat alive
Drinks her blood
every day and Night
Without a mercy 

Drinks her life
Stops her freedom
gives her nothing

When she demands
With a point 
She is marked out
Saying she doesnt repect

When a man is brave 
To be odd out of box
His relative blame him
Saying he is giving to mush freedom

 he should control her
but not empower her
Even his little mercy goes

April 23, 2014

Best day of my life

Road trip Photo me and my hubby
In the car
We decide to drive alone
 No one else
Just us.

In the car
with the best music on
we drive along 
in the early morning sun

In the car
We reach the beach
at 11am in the morning
Hot sun burning the soft sands

In the car
we go as far as we could
stop buy near the shore
to take a dip in waves of cold

In the car
leave behind everything
Just us holding hands 
Quiet walk joyous heart.

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Rhythm of the Road - this is a road trip me and my hubby went from our home just to have a drive alone, My son was away with my parants so we had no worry just us enjoying the drive it was one of the quick best trip. we returned home with wet pants and all sands in he car.................

April 11, 2014

Short Write.

Not an expert
but a poet
English is just know
nothing complete
My words
Just flow
with no dam
to block and store
my flow
Today at dVerse, Gay is asking us to make up new poetical forms. This may be called Short write.
I always like to write and express in two to three words a like, make it simple. Now thats my way of write what every comes just put it I dont even take time edit or rethink. 

April 9, 2014

Treasure We Treasure

My son Playing bowling ally with my father. (12 months old Dec 2008)
I treasure every moment
with my son glowing like sun
its a lovely pleasure
We get every joy

In his new born cloths
which i still hold
His first Dress which never fit
then it was too big
Now its very small
But I still hold to show him
How small you were

Me and my son going horse ride (Feb 2014)
In his old toys
Which he keeps very safe
not like other
To brake and throw
He always keep his thing
Very tide and neat.

In his words of wisdom
When he make new words
from his father statements
Day go by
I want to give him what he likes
Yesterdays fantasy gone by
today something new to file.

This is for D'verse Poets Pub- Hosted by Mary ~I have treasured all my sons things and will do it as he becomes older. I love everything about him and nothing more to treasure in the world

Base Ball

I base the ball
To pitch ball
Strike it goes
Need two more
Once again it goes
To hit high above
Over my head
about 6 feet above
Now I got to make a move
To give the ball
some tune
So I could strike out
Win my dues..............

I dont know much about the game but I love the fun of writing about the game especially for Brain Miller.

April 2, 2014

Roar to Live

 King of the jungle
Leader of breads
He wishes everyone 
To stay with sprites
shows the world 
pride of love
He loves the matesCuddle his dear
Plays ruff 
with his cub
to bring him brave
as he has done by his fathers
They follow their way
May not change in any days
but humans live animal life
with no spirit
Live a life againt our parants say
No one is pure 
for he lives a with his own ways
Life is what we give
for it comebacks vine

@ dVerse, Maria has us writing to animals and their symbolism.. i choose the Lion. I some how like them as they roar the fear out. I feel they are always alert and will love to take care. They have their own principle to live a honor life. Here i have given the symbol of India which is a four lion he standing guard.

March 28, 2014

present love

Love for no commitment
we live a life of diversion
Lots of things to interferer
in between a human  spaces
No where to go
without seeing hate-rid
love is overtaken by hate
Forgive and forget has become meaningless words
everyone has a hate for something
Pleasure is the only human rights
Place for peace has gone with the winds
No pleasant memories
Even kids these day talk depression
with dismay we look at each day
what a world we have brought
Young boys and girls clinched to cyber hall

 Blank verse for dVerse Meeting the Bar with Tony smooth rhyme. (I Guess)

March 21, 2014


Polish- words
to keep us high
Map-up -Letters
to keep us going
Joy- proper
Into the wisdom- write
Fun frolic-frock
Fly's throw the arc
Making a base
for the Maze- dream
to make a garland- Poem
to sweep-Streets.

Bjorn, our host at dVerse Meeting the Bar has introduced us to the concept of kennings. 

Bjorn, ‘a kenning is a very brief metaphoric phrase or compound word and it means “to know”‘. It comes originally from Icelandic, but also exists in other languages such as Swedish and German. 

With your briefing I have done this poetry, my first attempt on Kennings so if something is not right feel free to write on the comment.

March 14, 2014


 Its been coming
2 days of abnormal movement
couldn't sleep 
couldn't turn
except for the pain
below the abdomen
It was different.
What is happening inside me
I couldn't judge a thing
pain only i could feel
Not even what they say 
I was in an emergency
Bleeding started light
Now i am bleeding a lot 
Its two in the night.
Dr call me to labour room
For I fright
I am due only next month
What is happening 
is the baby alright
Dr rush
sounds of alarms heard
nothing register
Only thing i could feel
pain in the back 
suddenly something released
a feeble voice i heard
I didn't even see
All i could here my nurse
rush him in spry
left alone in the labour room
for no one to answer my query
Mom came and said
I will be right back
Happy on business trip
to far away land
I close my eyes
lay their
for no one could be there 
to say a word
until dawn sunrise pair..............

This is written for dVerse MTB, where Brian is prompting us to write a poem using any senses except sight.    This happened almost 6 years back on 28th July 2008 when he was born.
I was in hospital and he was taken to neonatal. after 21 days he came home to me... those pain i could still feel in back of my bone. They used force-subs to bring him as I had pressure and he was not pushing. o my god I can never forget that felling i was just blind folded. I got this feeling immediately when u told me without sight.... this was a without sight i could only feel not see even though i was awake.

March 12, 2014

Butterful birth

it time to spring out
Open the wing
Splash blasting color
Out from shell 
 Into the new world..............

This is submitted to dVerse Poetics where we are asked to write micro poetry to macro photos....

My son is putting up as cocoon in his annual day program so i wanted to write about it........... will post his pic................as cocoon................ :)

March 5, 2014

Who I am ......................

Over @ dVerse Poets, for Poetics, Anthony has us writing about an evolution in our poetry,for me it was to take away my sorrow and bring a smile to my heart.......... Its a place where I write for my mind to relax and reflex.........

Born with a silver spoon
Nothing to worry forever
Stage come along
where I never belonged
Life was a struggle
couldn't read or write 
without trouble
Mom didn't know what to do
For  I was exclusive for the rules
Then came a day
Where my teacher found my state
Dyslexia they named
My mom and my teacher struggled
For I went through the troubles
Today I stand
with my open hands
To say the world
I write for I have learnt
Through my times
I have come 
to make a mark 
for who I am............

February 26, 2014

Chaka Chaka CHooo CHooooooooooo

One of the station in Chennai
At station
on platform
we board

Coach allotted

We watch
S 1 s2 s3 .......... 
we have to walk
all the way down 
S13 it was
At last we reached
Take a breath
with all the luggage
We made it 

On time to start......

my son shouts 
on exited tone
He loves those trains 
For he know
its only holiday that he goes
Speeding its way 
those choo choo noise 
Chaka Chaka it goes
on its tracks
 all the way to the destined source

February 19, 2014

No Where to go...........

Feb 14 every year
Pass by like a fear
No one to hold 
This bold Little Gold

No care
To pair
To share
Life of tears

Hope one day
Love will find its way
It did 
But spoiled it with my  past pays 

for dVerse Poets ~ OpenLinkNight 

February 14, 2014

Lovely time.........

   Drive along the coastal road
Sitting by your side
Lonely flight
On a full moon night
  You were very kind 
Even when I lied
Made our life better place
Saved every wage pace
Even in your worse times
You never showed any face
you took care like a Nurse 
In maternity Church with an empty Purse
Back were those days
That never comeback

for dVerse – Meeting the Bar

February 13, 2014

Heart with beautiful Dandelion

 Heart full of sun.
Glowing like the fresh Dandelion
Happiness of fullness
Goal Achieved 
from a long awaited mission..........

 I can write stories for sadness, bet when i am happy I am short of words..........
Yes at last my son is admitted in a school........... small school bet its fine...........
Poets United 
Poetry Jam

February 7, 2014

Mother Earth

Crying out to herself
Cant bare it any more
Mother earth 
With no one to console

Baby earth
Young and rich
with adam and eve
Protecting it with its core

Crying out to herself
Cant bare it any more
Mother earth 
With no one to console

Now no one know
What she has to show
For every one had killed
all its core.

Cry out loud
In the middle of court
She stands to see
Here lovely breads
Killing each other in spree

Crying out to herself
Cant bare it any more
Mother earth 
With no one to console

 This is my first time I am writing a Song type of poem it  may have a lot of flows ....... But i thought i would try... More then Apprication kindly comment me the draw back in the above........ Love to hear from you all.............

January 31, 2014

Cunning Lady......

Scars show out but what they wear Never shows any state
People walk by making innocent face behind back
They show a different act, She was kind when I see her with my naked mind
But while no one around cunning fish comes out
Bitching behind back she walk like a serpent with venom on it pack, When you find her she gives a whack
Where you fall like a snack no escape after that.....
Like the scar she has a cruel heart which stays with her
All her life span killing us all................

January 29, 2014

Beautiful Madras

I would like to call my place Madras as it was called before..... Chennai is a new name and it is something which was renamed presently. So lets talk about it

Lovely city 
With small calm surrounding
We had a huge house
In the center of  place
Nice garden
With all flower blossoms
We had to leave it
for it was too big
Four of us in a place like that
Was the best day in my life
Now we still have the place
Its become an apartment 
Calm place
Now had become a busy street
We used to run from left to right
Up and down
Without  a fear of vehicals
Now we have to watch our step
to go across the road.

For Poetry Jam............

January 24, 2014

Round In circle

Sitting round 
In a circle 
They all open
The new game box.

Red Yellow white blue
Popped up
Only four cards
With as many to pick and choose 
the right Cards

its your brain 
Which has to think fast
to bet the others 
From betting you out.

is it red red blue
Blue Red red
or should i go other way round
Move blue or red

Cant find the solution fast
There he goes
Takes it first
Green Blue blue it was...

O brain why cant you order 
To take it fast
See what you done
He is so quick
and always thinks a lot
I am slow for i take time to pick my slot

             This is a Game I have and all of us me , Hubby , Son and Inlaws like to play... Its a wonderful fast game. Unfortunately I am not getting to buy this for my friends and family cause Dr.woods games are not available right now. I dont know the reason behind.. If u can get it for ur kids its a fun game to play and activate your Brain the best part it u just have to spare about 15-30 min to play it , that gives a lots of energy and refreshing your mind. Just want to give the glimpse for today Dverse pub time for Brian. Thanks for such lovely topic.

January 22, 2014

Cloudy Days

Dark Clouds
Heavy shower
God has not let us speak
in the poring weather

Cant hear
Nor near
We cry inside
In the gummy night

Awaiting Sunshine
Pleading God
With my heart
Make us come out of all

This is for Poetry Jam.... Clouds

I am having a cloudy time, We are trying get our son into  Grade 1 but schools are thinking for giving admission as my son is Handicapped he cant walk, He the most smartest child i have seen in his peer group but schools are rejecting him because of his disability. Wish the socity gets more matured and just accept things. We have been trying and its too bad now I have decided to fight for him education is basic rights so they cant say no to my son just because he is disable. Just keep fingers crossed.

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For Dverse...

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