June 25, 2014

Words are wisdom

Love care
Share to dare
I don't mind whats on my mind
all eases With a lovely smile
worries ponder
I wonder for words
swishes away the ponder
slack day
when bell play
like thunder to ears
Soft words fail
Sit quit Look back
Place your word on backside
pic of smiles
sweet memories will fly by
New day Will always
Open up
Hope with new start...

Today at dVerse Poetics Marina wants us to write about shattering and rebuilding, be it personal or in the world. My confidence is to read and write, My hubbys hope with my future is  bright and we want to walk together no matter what.
Our son is going to school and he is feeling down now all I want to do is keep talking to him to make him a strong person and give him hope saying this is new  Life of new friends.. I am so happy with the kids he is studying, all are giving him courage and hope and will be there for him to make him walk........ I see hope and courage in those little once words and smile........ they are only 6-7 year it amaze me how they all give him a worm welcome, hug him and make him feel light.......I thank God for having kids so sweet around him its his will that we are so fortunate to have such a school and such young  people with energy around.

June 24, 2014

Lost thought

Juggling between school and clinics
Operations and corridor
Doctor and teachers
Life for the little one
So hard and loom

Juggling and juggling
Thoughts tough
No clue to ponder
Little hopes wonder
Life for the little brain
Is hard to refrain

Juggling with life
Of faith and fair play
We pray everyday
To hope for a better living
Life for the little chap
Is hard and tough to gain.

June 18, 2014

World Around

Every place has a beauty
Just to see
Flower bloom
Bird squeegee
Animal roar
To see those 
through the eyes 
is a goods gift of life.

No wonder why
We don't see life
around the tiles
of your own homes alive.
But wonder 
across seas
Miles deep inside 
to search of world away 
then beside.

today at dVerse Abhra asks us where in the world we would love to be 


The Gap that grow over small fight never could be bridged
Words lost over anger could never got back
Broken bridge of life
For no return of glide.

Poetry Jam

June 11, 2014

Past to tell

that my great grand father and grandmother. me next to him in the traditional swing which is still part of our house.
Great Grandfather came to town
Leaving his ways back home
To make his children
The 1st pic  with my Grand ma and my bro sis
2nd pic my dads car (he still has it) 1975 ambasidar'
standing in the old house which i have written about.
3rd me and my sis in kodikannal holiday
last my younger bro birth day
Have a better life 
Five in total
Everyone so different
When I look back
I couldn't relate them
Each in their own ways
Now we have a home
a place of history that holds
I have grown up their
Now it holds a modern flats
Couldn't keep the whole big place
For safety and needs 
Now even in my dreams 
I cant forget
Those huge doors 
Those big trees 
With wells and bells
Flowers and leaves
Everywhere to please.
Now I see 
Only tall building 
Mobile towers
Nothing to easy
the eyes of needs

Grace has us write ancestors at dVerse today…

June 6, 2014

When Missed

Hi everyone... Sorry has taken a two weeks break from my write as My sons school is about to start had to make some preparation for that and the wonderful thing was we took a four day break to a hill station......Just relax and enjoy the cold breeze from the hot summer heat of 43*C without hubby.

Now for the Brian's prompt of the week "language and words are bri’s theme at dVerse today".

In the cold night breeze
Alone I sleep 
on top of the bunkers bed
With friends filled in the rest
No loud words
As I will wake others
All alone without you
I cant say any thing as now
Only a message was placed
"Miss You"
with no expected reply back 
But to my surprise
The man with no words
Sent back
"Me too"
What all to make the day special

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