September 3, 2014

Best Friend

Its been a long time i have made my presence...... Work School function........... so much to do but i didnt want to miss this as i love claudia schoenfeld Work as well as her poem and want to make my time this time........ Sry for my short little appearance and not been active.......... Hope to work everything to normal............

So here is my pic and the poem to it...........
In the busy city
I work my way
Nothing so beautiful 
Top hill view
city of history
City with pride
Were i always love 
to spend rest of my life
Nothing more fun
With a coffee in hand
With the lovely aroma 
Spending my time 
quite and leisure
With mom my best friend to share

This poem is written for dVerse Poetics for my prompt over there.  Claudia Schoenfeld's Flickr page has may pic and many beautiful work I choose two of them to write my prompt.


  1. smiles....time with your mom and best friend...sounds like a good way to spend your time...and isnt the city lovely to look out upon as well...

  2. I think spending time like that, inhaling the city with it's coffee.. a perfect day :-)

  3. shared moments like that are always best

  4. What a special mother-daughter relationship! Not all mothers and daughters are best friends. You are fortunate indeed.

  5. I like how we walk with you in the busy city and end up having a cup of coffee in a quiet place.

  6. some bright moments here...lovely

  7. nothing better than sharing some quality time with a loved one or go for a stroll into a city's historical heart.... fascinating..and hey... glad to see you in the pub

  8. Wish I could have mother for a time again. She was my best friend. Quite the travelers mothers are lovely moments you describe! Enjoy them. I certainly did both here and in Claudia's write and when I had my mother.

  9. This is quite lovely

  10. Very sweet moments...I wish I can have some time with my mother now, smiles ~

  11. it is lovely to share life...the quiet, the leisure, and the hectic and crazy...with someone special. lovely.

  12. This is a lovely response to the painting. Very well done indeed.

  13. Always important to find that "time out" moment.


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