July 24, 2013

Time to sit Back

Winds blowing 
Birds Singing
Time to Sit 
With your arms stretched
On my Grandpa easy Chair
Mug Coffee to sip 
On Cloudy evening Bliss
Time has passed
Way beyond
Duties done for long enough
Time to self realize
Dreams inside
Joy from work well done
Joy of self accomplishments...
Enjoying presence of unseen Friends 
With only a Palmtop in hand
Relaxing myself in the cyber bay......

July 18, 2013

Summer Splash

Its time to splash away
Heat getting in the way
Running towards the water play
Salish a splash our way..........
through the smooth sandy bay
Wish to have a ocean spray
In the deserted its only oasis stay
As animals travel to watering hole
I run down the sandy forms
To the little water pole
Wonder how......
Water pore in the dry shore...........

July 17, 2013

Life Cycle..............

Was born in this world
Like a chubby little girl
Mother cherished
Father Adored
Born as Charm in the Family                    (5)     
Grow up to be a toddler
Can’t remember at all
How it was to be alone 
Just with toys                                              
Little sister came into life                         (10)      
Didn't know she was a baby
Until she was born
Never had that time to play along                                 
We had no match of mind
She used to get on me                             (15)
I used to get scared
For the silly little pranks
Now it’s funny to remember it all        
I wonder in my leisure                             
How did mom bring us?                          (20)
From all those trouble time
From all those ups and downs
Dad was in Business
Mom was the homemaker
Bring us alone                                          (25)
Keeping our sprits above
Become a teenager
World was totally wrong
Didn’t enjoy a mint of it
For it was a struggle of thoughts           (30)
Mom said something’s                                    
Which was unacceptable by me?
Dad with no words at all      
Left with Choice of my own
Thinking they were rights                        (35)
But then it took so long
for it to become wrong                                  
Friends where all the Joy
But didn't realize 
They will be gone                                     (40)
When it was time to hold on
In the times of Storm                  
Was a lonely life
Until when I got married
Wish that everything was fine                 (45)
With my son born
I cherish him                                         
My hubby adored
Puny little premature boy
It was a struggle                                       (50)
For us to bring him up
In the world of troubles                         
Lots of fights
Lots of misunderstanding
It was a tough time going through         (55)
Mom and dad supported
From every angle they could
For I accept now

What she said was all true……

July 11, 2013

Locked Herself

This poem is about  a treasure that was found inside a Temple India........................

She locked herself
From the world around
Not wanting evil to come around

She locked herself
From the lights of Charm
For it scared her
To take her from the ground

She locked herself
without wanting the world to know
her wealth of worth

She Locked herself
all alone in the bottom
No one could get down to her
For no one knows what

Many year passed
She stayed quit and calm
All by herself in the chambers
Created by ancient arts

Until one day, One man unlocked
the first door of Chamber
And going further and further
Till the 6th Chamber of treasure of God

Last Chamber of evil
Is held by Powerful Gods
No one could get past
Even they try to part Evil Comes along...

Birds I watch.........

My little Crow
Eating all that i throw
For him its food
For i don't waste anymore
I share him my living
I share him some drink
Cold water
For I have a bowl........
To pore out..........
We share nothing else
IF he does crook in my door
I wonder where show goes....

I hear the Dove 
near the exhaust of wash
Trying to build their home
In my shaft door
Eating left overs of the crow
They pass there day
Cuddling each other in the cold

I have a unknown friend 

Haven't see her at all all my life
She wakes me every morning
"Coooo'....." Cooooooo"
From the High bushy tree of all
I search her in the dawn lights.....
Gash! unable to find............
Everytime I hear her voice
I keep searching the Skys

July 8, 2013

Way in storm

Lighting Lighting the path
From the stormy dark
Sounds of Thunder
Shaking little heart
Hugging mom tightly
She says "I am scared"
Around her neck with the little hands
Mom smiles back
Don't worry you are safe in our hands
Not sure of the plans
She comforts her
Wondering and gazing at each other
Mom and dad are not sure
For Storm getting heavier.

Cant back up
They have driven too far
Arrived near No man land
No shelter to stop 
No place to hide at all
Thunder sticking
Rain Pouring
Wiper swishing
Girl Crying
Mom worrying
Dad scarily driving
Finding their way through the storm.

July 6, 2013

Love Communicate.

We walked together
Without words on our way
We wanted it to long
For time we have is not so long

Joining hand
we wished it would stay
For we have the duties of the world
To its clams 

We cant talk
We cant spend value time at all
Each one on their ways
For its a Gadget world we stay

We live in the same house
We eat together
But to communicate 
We have to use the mail.

July 3, 2013

Son's Birth

In the delight and smiles, 
Even in pains,I feel happy.
As I give birth to a life.
I glow in joy of mother hood.
Shirked eyes, Soft pale sin,
In my hands, Carrying with care,
I see my drea
My blood my soul
My son born, 
To give me back my life
As he cry, I carry him near
To feed him.
His first sip from my skin.
I wonder looking at him.
Who thought my baby to suck the milk
Who give him that energy to bite me, toothless.
Holding my chain in his hand
He sips slowly. He falls back to take breath.
I laugh at his act. 

Holding me in my shoulders.
My man sitting beside me.
Enjoying moment.

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