January 31, 2014

Cunning Lady......

Scars show out but what they wear Never shows any state
People walk by making innocent face behind back
They show a different act, She was kind when I see her with my naked mind
But while no one around cunning fish comes out
Bitching behind back she walk like a serpent with venom on it pack, When you find her she gives a whack
Where you fall like a snack no escape after that.....
Like the scar she has a cruel heart which stays with her
All her life span killing us all................

January 29, 2014

Beautiful Madras

I would like to call my place Madras as it was called before..... Chennai is a new name and it is something which was renamed presently. So lets talk about it

Lovely city 
With small calm surrounding
We had a huge house
In the center of  place
Nice garden
With all flower blossoms
We had to leave it
for it was too big
Four of us in a place like that
Was the best day in my life
Now we still have the place
Its become an apartment 
Calm place
Now had become a busy street
We used to run from left to right
Up and down
Without  a fear of vehicals
Now we have to watch our step
to go across the road.

For Poetry Jam............

January 24, 2014

Round In circle

Sitting round 
In a circle 
They all open
The new game box.

Red Yellow white blue
Popped up
Only four cards
With as many to pick and choose 
the right Cards

its your brain 
Which has to think fast
to bet the others 
From betting you out.

is it red red blue
Blue Red red
or should i go other way round
Move blue or red

Cant find the solution fast
There he goes
Takes it first
Green Blue blue it was...

O brain why cant you order 
To take it fast
See what you done
He is so quick
and always thinks a lot
I am slow for i take time to pick my slot

             This is a Game I have and all of us me , Hubby , Son and Inlaws like to play... Its a wonderful fast game. Unfortunately I am not getting to buy this for my friends and family cause Dr.woods games are not available right now. I dont know the reason behind.. If u can get it for ur kids its a fun game to play and activate your Brain the best part it u just have to spare about 15-30 min to play it , that gives a lots of energy and refreshing your mind. Just want to give the glimpse for today Dverse pub time for Brian. Thanks for such lovely topic.

January 22, 2014

Cloudy Days

Dark Clouds
Heavy shower
God has not let us speak
in the poring weather

Cant hear
Nor near
We cry inside
In the gummy night

Awaiting Sunshine
Pleading God
With my heart
Make us come out of all

This is for Poetry Jam.... Clouds

I am having a cloudy time, We are trying get our son into  Grade 1 but schools are thinking for giving admission as my son is Handicapped he cant walk, He the most smartest child i have seen in his peer group but schools are rejecting him because of his disability. Wish the socity gets more matured and just accept things. We have been trying and its too bad now I have decided to fight for him education is basic rights so they cant say no to my son just because he is disable. Just keep fingers crossed.

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News was big
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Planning My holiday
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For Dverse...

January 17, 2014

Dancing Boys for Dverse.......

Moon light twinkling High
Boys with tap on the toes
Dance on their own
Swinging monkeys Jumping from branches
As these boys sway from side to side

Only music I hear 
Is the Giggle of their spirited spear.
Mapping their own destiny
From one place to the other
Jumping and leaping
Juggling and sweeping

Night turns day
Still their fun does spray
all around the Garden of shapes
With molding and muddling
In the life allotted space

January 16, 2014

High Head

As we see the poor
Rise to the top
Rich cant accept
For he is ordinary of all

Rich man who are you
You came as the poor do
He has fought out life
You have it all
So do you know
Do you have it all

God has made a place
For its a place what to deserve
Don't go head high
cause you will fall

God knows your life
You dont want to show...
God has not given you all
For you dont treat
Everyone right at all  ....

For Poets United


Poetry Jam

One big box
Standing in middle
of my Dinning
It stores for it chill
Keeps everything fresh
As far as it can...
May be spoiled some....
But most of it fresh.......
Hot summer it can't stand.
Heat here goes upto 40c
In a hot summer span.

January 13, 2014

Price Life

Haunted scenes of past
Impact present
Illuminates Future
One storm
Litter pool of mess
Around us
Need for the others
Is found
Price we need to pay
For lifeless remote space
for which we fight everyday

wordle 143

Lovely Lonely Night.........

Its a lovely lonely night.
For a beautiful lonely time....
Surrounded by people 
Over the time.
Now I am all alone in vain
My legs are week,
My hands and elbows dont meet,
Life is a strain
But being alone
In the lovely moon 
Shinning high
with mild light
Spray through your body
Giving you a chill thrill
From inside 
Knowing you are surrounded
by ones departed...
to show the care...... 

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