February 26, 2014

Chaka Chaka CHooo CHooooooooooo

One of the station in Chennai
At station
on platform
we board

Coach allotted

We watch
S 1 s2 s3 .......... 
we have to walk
all the way down 
S13 it was
At last we reached
Take a breath
with all the luggage
We made it 

On time to start......

my son shouts 
on exited tone
He loves those trains 
For he know
its only holiday that he goes
Speeding its way 
those choo choo noise 
Chaka Chaka it goes
on its tracks
 all the way to the destined source


  1. smiles...makes me think of the airport actually...i used to travel all the time and had to run gate to gate...the last bit on your son made me smile...a vacation because that is when you ride the train....

  2. Oh, I do think children like trains! Just the sound of the trains on the tracks excites them, I think. Especially if they are fortunate enough to be able to travel on one to take vacation. (I myself enjoy the sound of trains!)

  3. Like the children I love the sound of trains lulling us to sleep....

  4. Love the sound of trains and the motion. We took the train from Maine to Florida to go to Disney World with our children. I imagine their excitement was like your son's. Mine was!

  5. The joy and excitement of a train ride well captured. Kids love trains and the joy they bring,

  6. Children love trains, don't they! I enjoyed reading about your son's enthusiasm through your words.

  7. I have some wonderful childhood memories of being on a train - very exciting. Nicely, captured.

  8. Getting to the boarding place -- yes it can seem a long walk--but as the child in your poem shows--it is worth the effort if one is going on a fun trip. Like seeing the photos. Trains do look different in different parts of the world.

  9. That can be a super long walk with luggage . . . the joy of seeing it through a child's eyes.


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