June 25, 2014

Words are wisdom

Love care
Share to dare
I don't mind whats on my mind
all eases With a lovely smile
worries ponder
I wonder for words
swishes away the ponder
slack day
when bell play
like thunder to ears
Soft words fail
Sit quit Look back
Place your word on backside
pic of smiles
sweet memories will fly by
New day Will always
Open up
Hope with new start...

Today at dVerse Poetics Marina wants us to write about shattering and rebuilding, be it personal or in the world. My confidence is to read and write, My hubbys hope with my future is  bright and we want to walk together no matter what.
Our son is going to school and he is feeling down now all I want to do is keep talking to him to make him a strong person and give him hope saying this is new  Life of new friends.. I am so happy with the kids he is studying, all are giving him courage and hope and will be there for him to make him walk........ I see hope and courage in those little once words and smile........ they are only 6-7 year it amaze me how they all give him a worm welcome, hug him and make him feel light.......I thank God for having kids so sweet around him its his will that we are so fortunate to have such a school and such young  people with energy around.


  1. I like the snappy, short lines and rhythms in this poem - and the play on rhymes.
    It's the hardest of all, isn't it, teaching a child how to cope with all the vicissitudes of life? I often struggle to find the right words or attitudes to help my children be strong and hopeful too.

  2. Going to school and making friends can be quite an overwhelming experience for young children ~ Give it time & encouraging words and I know he will cope and enjoy it ~

  3. Good work with internal rhyming. Brief, and still you get the point across. Thoughts for your son as he begins a new chapter in his life.

  4. Every new day is an opportunity to rebuild, relieve.

  5. Snappy is right. Upbeat in the face of darkness is good.

  6. Great advice for anyone...getting that optimism up before heading out into the world can be a head start..carrying a smile.

  7. Not easy to go to school.. but what's bad one day won't linger..

  8. Hoping he will make new friends and love his new place.

  9. each new day is always a hopeful promise

  10. yes - keep on encouraging him - those words will be precious seeds in his heart...


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