April 27, 2014

Supress women

Man becomes a beast
Marrys to eat alive
Drinks her blood
every day and Night
Without a mercy 

Drinks her life
Stops her freedom
gives her nothing

When she demands
With a point 
She is marked out
Saying she doesnt repect

When a man is brave 
To be odd out of box
His relative blame him
Saying he is giving to mush freedom

 he should control her
but not empower her
Even his little mercy goes

April 23, 2014

Best day of my life

Road trip Photo me and my hubby
In the car
We decide to drive alone
 No one else
Just us.

In the car
with the best music on
we drive along 
in the early morning sun

In the car
We reach the beach
at 11am in the morning
Hot sun burning the soft sands

In the car
we go as far as we could
stop buy near the shore
to take a dip in waves of cold

In the car
leave behind everything
Just us holding hands 
Quiet walk joyous heart.

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Rhythm of the Road - this is a road trip me and my hubby went from our home just to have a drive alone, My son was away with my parants so we had no worry just us enjoying the drive it was one of the quick best trip. we returned home with wet pants and all sands in he car.................

April 11, 2014

Short Write.

Not an expert
but a poet
English is just know
nothing complete
My words
Just flow
with no dam
to block and store
my flow
Today at dVerse, Gay is asking us to make up new poetical forms. This may be called Short write.
I always like to write and express in two to three words a like, make it simple. Now thats my way of write what every comes just put it I dont even take time edit or rethink. 

April 9, 2014

Treasure We Treasure

My son Playing bowling ally with my father. (12 months old Dec 2008)
I treasure every moment
with my son glowing like sun
its a lovely pleasure
We get every joy

In his new born cloths
which i still hold
His first Dress which never fit
then it was too big
Now its very small
But I still hold to show him
How small you were

Me and my son going horse ride (Feb 2014)
In his old toys
Which he keeps very safe
not like other
To brake and throw
He always keep his thing
Very tide and neat.

In his words of wisdom
When he make new words
from his father statements
Day go by
I want to give him what he likes
Yesterdays fantasy gone by
today something new to file.

This is for D'verse Poets Pub- Hosted by Mary ~I have treasured all my sons things and will do it as he becomes older. I love everything about him and nothing more to treasure in the world

Base Ball

I base the ball
To pitch ball
Strike it goes
Need two more
Once again it goes
To hit high above
Over my head
about 6 feet above
Now I got to make a move
To give the ball
some tune
So I could strike out
Win my dues..............

I dont know much about the game but I love the fun of writing about the game especially for Brain Miller.

April 2, 2014

Roar to Live

 King of the jungle
Leader of breads
He wishes everyone 
To stay with sprites
shows the world 
pride of love
He loves the matesCuddle his dear
Plays ruff 
with his cub
to bring him brave
as he has done by his fathers
They follow their way
May not change in any days
but humans live animal life
with no spirit
Live a life againt our parants say
No one is pure 
for he lives a with his own ways
Life is what we give
for it comebacks vine

@ dVerse, Maria has us writing to animals and their symbolism.. i choose the Lion. I some how like them as they roar the fear out. I feel they are always alert and will love to take care. They have their own principle to live a honor life. Here i have given the symbol of India which is a four lion he standing guard.

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