June 26, 2013

Milk Shake

Ice -cream without milk
Is not my Favorite
Like a milk shake in my own Blender
With Chocolate flavor
One scope
One glass of milk
Blend and Blend 
A smoothie out of the Blender
With all Dry Nuts
On top and mix till the Bottom 
It Goes in one Gulp....
All the Nuts sediment
Put my Finger
Inside the Tall tumbler
I like  the nuts 
with the spongy cream 
Woow... My mouth waters
Click in my tongue
I enjoy till the end

Nice prompt of the week.... I should go get my Shake now...................
For Poetry Jam

June 24, 2013

5 more mins

Just 5 more Mins

This was a post by one of my friend in G+, He is wonderful writer.... Now i am Writing this in the same line.... How this 5 more mins matter.....

I stand in the room 
Watching your bed
Empty and flat
I wonder 
Will you ever comeback
5 more min
To sleep in that bed

I walk down the stairs
Slow and quite
Looking Back up
I wonder
Will  you ever run down
just to play 
Up and down 
for 5 more min

I sit in the dine
with your mother across
Both of us watching each other
I wonder will u ever
Come back
Sit in the table
5 more min 
to have break fast

Life is just 
5 more min
For me
As nothing else 
Rings my mind 
then you saying
"5 more mins Dad"

Poets of G+

Go back

Want to be a Child
No worries
No Commitments
Just eat play and make friends
Jump with joy
See new thing on toys
New plays on old stuffs
Imagine running wild
Teaching the small learning
Expressing Discovering
Happiness in those States
Fighting for sharing
Breaking and smashing
What a joy.....
To Go back to be a Child


Sunday full of hard work
Working on a project work
For my 5 yr old Son
Cutting Snipping Sticking
Building Drawing Shouting
For perfection and team work
Me and my hubby
Evaluating all small detailing
Still not satisfied 
For feeling lost missing
Without tracking at 11.pm
Tired and exhausted
Sleeping late on Sunday night
Monday morning Blues...
Creeping in head
Cleaning Cutting Cooking
Packing bags.... 
Finishing working at 8.am
God it looks a long Monday 
Leaving with glumly mind
Off to office for the day
Its going to be a hard hot day
Before Melodious music  
and quite Hugs in the Bed.... 
For this summer Night.....

June 20, 2013

Rocking all day

Love the way 
My rocker rocks
With the ear phones
Rocking Bon Jovi
I wonder in delight
In the dream world
Dancing to the tune
Waves Splashing on the rock 
Sitting and watching 
The natures music
to the Rock 
on the rocks

Poetry Jam 
This is my first poem to your site.... I love the prompt ... Thank you all............... 

June 14, 2013


When I see you talk
I wonder if have I talked
Like this when I was your age

When I see you play with the mobile
I think what  I had to play with
Only a small bat and a ball
To play outside....

When I see you change channels in TV
I wonder what I had.............
 A huge play area in front of my house
To run with my sis and bro all day..........

When I see you learn about  Cars 
And drive with your dad
I had only a tricycle
To drive and share with neighbors

World has changed
For we had small things look big
This generation has all new things every day.....

June 13, 2013

River.... Moves on

Water dripping drip by drip
From Snow to flow 
Forming gallon of liquid
Eroding the bed under it

Flushing sand and stone 
She carries everything on her way
Down to the ocean floor
Rushing from top
Slowing down on plan

All through the day
All through the night
No one can near her
As she moves 

Splish splash the shores
She forms a thin stream
than falls from great heights
to scrolls like the snake

We can see her fresh clear skin
When touched she pass our hand
She can't stay still
Until her path is blocked at will.

Verses First ~ Move - Thanks Kim for this wonderful Prompt... When I saw move I could only see the Beauty of a River How it moves....... It was tough to bring it in 20 lines...... I have tried my best.......

June 12, 2013

Night Alone

Tonight is a lovely night
I await
For your bright lighting smile

Its been long
Since we got along
for a stay alone

I wonder in dark
To see your spark
Among the stars

Awaiting sleeplessly
I wonder now will you be here
For Time is moving fast

Night is almost gone
For the rays of Dawn
My tears run Down

You didn't come
Wondered what went wrong
Memory flow blocked

Worrying now
I Sleep Crouched 

Dreams lost in the winds
 Hope of love shattered

As the Sun raises
My sunshine lost

June 10, 2013


Was a Calm Quiet Night
Mother Nature so beautiful......
Moon Shining Bright
Sea Bed trembling inside
No one could know outside
For it was a mid-night
Huge waves...
Swept everything on their sight
Conquering fright
Flesh his sweetest treat
Eating all human beings alive
He goes back into the ocean
For he had the best time of the night..

June 5, 2013

I Remember

I Remember to write
Every moment of my sight
All my past  into words
I cant forget at all
Funny world  it was
Waking every morning
Rushing to Class
Coming back packing Bags
for next session to College...
Riding back home
The whole day is gone
In between
Friends to accommodate
Family to inform
Rushing here rushing there
To meet my love 
In this all
Cant ever forget
How I just used to long
after a long day 
To see his smiling face
It will be only a mint or 
Just few seconds
Or I didn't know 
For it felt to me like that
He was tall
Dark and always wore a smile
I still remember his face in my eyes
How strong his thin Hands were
Everyday we used to meet
But wont talk
Time passed
He also slipped away
I used to call 
I had no answer 
Wonder if he is alive
Left past the whole thing
Moved on.........
But still somewhere  in my mind
he was alive
I remember it was like yesterday
People say he no more
I couldn't wait
I moved on 
Got married 
To the one who loves me
Heard nothing from his side
I wish to meet him at least once
just to say a formal goodbye
I have a commitment 
I cant leave that a side
So it is just one sight 
For my heart to satisfy
We have said Good bye

Loved Him

This is about Lord Rama and How Seetha Matha loved him........ I am so happy to make this poem as Ram and his life is a very inspiring story and I our Hindu culture we feel this was the first avatar where God come down from heaven and lived a human life... He suffered all the hardship a Human would suffer and showed Human race which is the right path to live.... How we should live in life.... This is just a small poem from the whole story of Ramayana...... 

She loved him
For her Eye contact
Give him strength
To break the Bow
of the world

She loved him
For she got married 
Left all the wealth
Post of the Queen
For his Promise

She loved him
For she lived in forest
With only fruits to eat
Wooden floor to sleep
For his request

She loved him
Wished only for a deer
But got kidnapped by demons
Fooling her as a sage
Taken across the ocean

She loved him
For keeping her from harm
Chanting his name gave her strength
She had only that
Being Far away.......

This poem I wrote a Few days back and I think this would be the apt for Poetry United Verse - OMNISCIENCE--- as it is god who know it all and Devi came down knowing she is going to go through all this to teach human race a lesson of love and affection

My Work

Whole day I read......
Read an old one
See something new.....

Wonder all day
How beautiful...
Awesome Creations people do...........

Amaze every moment
Is my words up to.....
these lovely tunes......

Feel ashamed
So bad inside
For My work no good

June 4, 2013

Not Normal

World full of hate
Feel God has gone to sleep
No water to drink
No fresh are to breath..
Famine and Drought
Dried Crops....
Flooded hills............

Child death rate has increased
For UN cant do anything to decrease
On the other Hand.....
People live for long
Old age living alone
No one to care
No one to Nurse

Busy Son earning his living
Daughter wondering in beauty
People ready to spend
For they have nothing at the end.........
No satisfaction
Want more and more...
Lives a luxuries life
Leaves with poor files...........

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