August 29, 2013


One up one down
Jumping in and jumping out
Mommy screaming
"Boy You be careful"
"One step at a time we should go"
I just dont care
I jump upto three steps high
Climb down two.....
What a fun to do
Mommy with a cold eye
Screwing my ear slight
" Dont ever do that I am Scared"
Given her a Naughty smile
She cant be angry with me anymore
Pat my back 
"Be Careful I dont want a broken bone"
After 25 years
 I think back....
Yes that was the best lesson in the world
No point in climbing two steps
For one day you are sure for a broken Legs.............

August 26, 2013

*Morning Bliss*

Morning with the new beginning
With Sun rise Hot as ever it could be
Eyes get closed with the shining Rays
What a hot humid morning to start the day

Birds crying for food
Fighting with each other for their share
Dogs running in the streets 
To get what it take to survive the hot day

Mans in the cars Did Care the world around parts
Throttling the Gas engines polluting in all ways
Don't care the environment hazards
Buzzing all around for their living for the day 

August 23, 2013

I Cried out

IN this time.....
Waiting for my love
As long as i could
He ran away
For another dude

Waited still
I could feel the spirit
Coming back to my shell
Hoping to bring him 
Under my spell

Waited long enough
One blooming day
Being in  his gloomy  place
I brought him to blossom
In my smell.

Waiting was finally over
Was not sure he will be mine
Finally came in his best mist
To Tell me 
"I love You for ever"

Awaiting flow away
Spirits suddenly spray
I cried out loud
In the sunny day

Will all the Joy in the world 
Tingling in my head
Never had such day
Whole of my life will never forget............

Poets United

August 21, 2013

Vision life

Close my Eyes
See the inner sprite
Looking inside
Dreaming for the night.
I see nothing
But in the dark
Hear the pride
love and affection
 I could see them in my mind
Power self- realized 
Accomplishment  of love
En-dowered inside
Walking through the dark
Mysterious happy delight
Knowing All the care poured.
Without benefits of life.

August 8, 2013

Life Stay

Slicing and Dicing
with your ugly words
I dont want hear anymore
You have separated your life
Well I dont deserve that
Dont just stand there
You Cant control my living here

I am a pretty girl
My thoughts are different from yours
I want a pretty life
Not you sectioning it for me
I want to move on
Well you can stay as long as you want

Your  here to stay
I dont care what you say 
Dont see me like your meat
To cut me into pieces 
dice it in oven
Dont even Think about it

Job is my pride
I live my own living 
Your are here with me 
For pleasure and treat
Dont think you can make me sit
And serve you like a Indian wife
Its diffcult to explain right
For I am free bird

To fly my hights


Its diffcult to be one
walk along 
without strings

Catch hands
Share thoughts
without thinking

Play fare
without selfless
Monitory things on thoughts

August 7, 2013

In the Dark

When the Lights go out
Comforting the heart
I like dark

I see things glow
In my heart
Walking and finding things
Was a fun
Always love that part

Now its time
Alone in my room
Just by myself
In the dark

I feel my body relax
My mind is free
No noise to interrupt

Sound of fan off
Buzzing computer shut down
I lay in my bed
Breathing hard......

Seeing the sky
From the window hole
How beautiful the Stars are....
We miss them in city lights
Enjoying every moment 
of lonely spot......

August 3, 2013

Labour Pain

When my son was born 5 years a go.... It was the most heart breaking day of my life.... he is a survivor.... He live making my life more joy..... I would do anything .......... Seeing him fight every day till now is a pain.... But We are so happy to have a gift God gave us......... A love young smart chap..............

Pain in  back
Killing like stages of knife
Day one it was mild...
Walked here walked there
No one could answer what it was like
Saw some stains 
But didn't know 
It was pre-break up
Doctors didn't find
Its was labour pain
Day two continued
Baby move was still 
Didn't Know he was struggling inside
Due date a month ahead
Mom says its fine 
Pregnancy is like that
No one could say 
he is premature pain
Long Day's Journey Into Night
I scream in pain
Said mom....
I am bleeding 
She got scared.....
One in the night
Doctor arrive
Finally saying
It was time
But cant say who will be alive 
My baby came
With only 34 weeks growth
But I had completed 36 weeks
I was in pain
My Baby rushed  
In vain
Left alone
In the empty labour room
Only nurse to attend
Didnt know what to do
Praying God in my heart.....
I lay in the bed
with no one to answer my call......

August 1, 2013

Iron Man

Man build
Steel body 
Hings as elbow and knees
Body covered 
with heavy metal
Guns and rays in Palm
Shield in the wrist
Instead of watch
To protect gun shot
Almost touch the moon 
with power booster on
Sky has no limit
No passports to carry on
Fly around 
with just red suit on......

Poetry Jam....

Poet united

Join hands
without martial facts

Man with
Ideal maps

Direction unknown
with unreal tracks

Walking together
with all dreams smashed

This was a tough one for me.. As I am new to these formats.... Hope i did well.... Waiting for ur feed backs.

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