March 28, 2014

present love

Love for no commitment
we live a life of diversion
Lots of things to interferer
in between a human  spaces
No where to go
without seeing hate-rid
love is overtaken by hate
Forgive and forget has become meaningless words
everyone has a hate for something
Pleasure is the only human rights
Place for peace has gone with the winds
No pleasant memories
Even kids these day talk depression
with dismay we look at each day
what a world we have brought
Young boys and girls clinched to cyber hall

 Blank verse for dVerse Meeting the Bar with Tony smooth rhyme. (I Guess)

March 21, 2014


Polish- words
to keep us high
Map-up -Letters
to keep us going
Joy- proper
Into the wisdom- write
Fun frolic-frock
Fly's throw the arc
Making a base
for the Maze- dream
to make a garland- Poem
to sweep-Streets.

Bjorn, our host at dVerse Meeting the Bar has introduced us to the concept of kennings. 

Bjorn, ‘a kenning is a very brief metaphoric phrase or compound word and it means “to know”‘. It comes originally from Icelandic, but also exists in other languages such as Swedish and German. 

With your briefing I have done this poetry, my first attempt on Kennings so if something is not right feel free to write on the comment.

March 14, 2014


 Its been coming
2 days of abnormal movement
couldn't sleep 
couldn't turn
except for the pain
below the abdomen
It was different.
What is happening inside me
I couldn't judge a thing
pain only i could feel
Not even what they say 
I was in an emergency
Bleeding started light
Now i am bleeding a lot 
Its two in the night.
Dr call me to labour room
For I fright
I am due only next month
What is happening 
is the baby alright
Dr rush
sounds of alarms heard
nothing register
Only thing i could feel
pain in the back 
suddenly something released
a feeble voice i heard
I didn't even see
All i could here my nurse
rush him in spry
left alone in the labour room
for no one to answer my query
Mom came and said
I will be right back
Happy on business trip
to far away land
I close my eyes
lay their
for no one could be there 
to say a word
until dawn sunrise pair..............

This is written for dVerse MTB, where Brian is prompting us to write a poem using any senses except sight.    This happened almost 6 years back on 28th July 2008 when he was born.
I was in hospital and he was taken to neonatal. after 21 days he came home to me... those pain i could still feel in back of my bone. They used force-subs to bring him as I had pressure and he was not pushing. o my god I can never forget that felling i was just blind folded. I got this feeling immediately when u told me without sight.... this was a without sight i could only feel not see even though i was awake.

March 12, 2014

Butterful birth

it time to spring out
Open the wing
Splash blasting color
Out from shell 
 Into the new world..............

This is submitted to dVerse Poetics where we are asked to write micro poetry to macro photos....

My son is putting up as cocoon in his annual day program so i wanted to write about it........... will post his cocoon................ :)

March 5, 2014

Who I am ......................

Over @ dVerse Poets, for Poetics, Anthony has us writing about an evolution in our poetry,for me it was to take away my sorrow and bring a smile to my heart.......... Its a place where I write for my mind to relax and reflex.........

Born with a silver spoon
Nothing to worry forever
Stage come along
where I never belonged
Life was a struggle
couldn't read or write 
without trouble
Mom didn't know what to do
For  I was exclusive for the rules
Then came a day
Where my teacher found my state
Dyslexia they named
My mom and my teacher struggled
For I went through the troubles
Today I stand
with my open hands
To say the world
I write for I have learnt
Through my times
I have come 
to make a mark 
for who I am............

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