June 18, 2014

World Around

Every place has a beauty
Just to see
Flower bloom
Bird squeegee
Animal roar
To see those 
through the eyes 
is a goods gift of life.

No wonder why
We don't see life
around the tiles
of your own homes alive.
But wonder 
across seas
Miles deep inside 
to search of world away 
then beside.

today at dVerse Abhra asks us where in the world we would love to be 


  1. Sometimes we just have to look deep and carefully to find that beauty.. it's everywhere

  2. I would tend to agree with you, Lasha. Places matter far less than people m

  3. we do often overlook the wonder of our own homes...and see the exotic in the distance...

  4. newness has its own beauty too...

  5. there's so much beauty to discover around us as well - i agree - if we have eyes to see there's beauty everywhere we go

  6. I agree, beauty surrounds us - we need only to find it

  7. Every place has a beauty--I couldn't agree more. The more places I see, the more I realize this. Great reminder!

  8. GREAT lesson here. It really does seem as if we ignore the beauty right under our noses...


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