March 5, 2014

Who I am ......................

Over @ dVerse Poets, for Poetics, Anthony has us writing about an evolution in our poetry,for me it was to take away my sorrow and bring a smile to my heart.......... Its a place where I write for my mind to relax and reflex.........

Born with a silver spoon
Nothing to worry forever
Stage come along
where I never belonged
Life was a struggle
couldn't read or write 
without trouble
Mom didn't know what to do
For  I was exclusive for the rules
Then came a day
Where my teacher found my state
Dyslexia they named
My mom and my teacher struggled
For I went through the troubles
Today I stand
with my open hands
To say the world
I write for I have learnt
Through my times
I have come 
to make a mark 
for who I am............


  1. god on you for over hard...and they dont always identify those challenges early...though i think we are getting better at it....i think had i overcome such i would make it a point to write all the more...

  2. Oh my!! You are a true Poet!! overcoming all those hurdles and troubles!!
    Glad you took to Poetry - you have indeed made your mark! :)

    Kudos to you!!

  3. Lasha, what an inspiring poem this is. So glad that you had people in your life that cared enough to discover that you had dyslexia and help you to find your way. You definitely have made your mark in the poetry blogosphere, Lasha; and I am sure in your world as well! Write on!

  4. Inspiring thoughts - I haven't read about anyone having Dyslexia and then taking up writing. Welcome to Dverse Poetics.

  5. I am sure you felt relieved when the issue was finally identified. How wonderful that you now express yourself through writing! You are indeed appreciated for who you are and what this allows you to share with us.

  6. So often dylexia goes unrecognized and thus so much talent goes unmined. You are a voice for those who need special consideration. Bravo.

  7. Glad you found life and comfort in words! carry on...:)

  8. Dyslexia.. so good when it's found and treated.. I like this a lot, and good for you.. you are even more a poet in my eyes now.

  9. very inspiring write... thanks for sharing your experience with Dyslexia and finding comfort in poetry!

  10. yes, very inspiring...a true poet.

  11. I can only imagine how the struggle help to shape you and your writing...

    nice write!

  12. Love u all for your lovely comments Dverse is the best place in the blog world for a poet like me and it has made me write and think a lot and become a better person on each visit.......... Love the pub and will always be a part of it........ Thank u all

  13. that is tough... so glad that you made your way through it...

  14. thank you for reading...i hope you find some words today...
    if not, have a great weekend...smiles.

  15. Wow this is inspiring... To overcome such trouble... Beautiful write.


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