December 16, 2013

Christmas week

When they come for me in the morning..
Was surprised to see
Those who have pass by
Thought long gone
Standing in my door step
with the Christmas feast
Once alone in this old home
Now with full of people with treats

December 13, 2013

Selfish Times

Created for a purpose
I land as an innocent Girl
Grown under the care
Mom and dad best in their charm

Grow up teen world was different
Classes to go, Challenge to meet
Passion for Future 
Clashed with body desire

Closed the Eyes 
choose to live a life
First was life and career in mind
Became an outstanding student of time

Money flowed in
Desire raised high
In 23 it was time 
For me to make my mind

There came a man
From the old times
Well he was all mine
Was all made me blind

He was smart
took everything from heart 
His aim was my body parts
Not the Comment at all

Lived life,Helping others who disguised
Never came to my mind
Make selfish decisions.........
Long gone those times.

Now I live for thee mine
My family is what stays in time
Never Go by the people 
WHO come and go by............

d’Verse Poets :Meeting the Bar ~ Hearth, Home and Common Speech

December 11, 2013

Child wood..........

Believed God is the most highest thing on earth
No matter what he has the solution to all
Believed Mother is always scolding 
She is the enemy of all
She always was in the back of us
Cant she just leave me alone at all......
But Now i know why she was
For protection of us all.........

December 5, 2013

Gods Gift.. Our son

One of my best gift.......
No one can ever clam it...
It belongs to us.......
Until it spreads its wings
We cant leave
We cant walk out
For God has assigned
Us to take control......
Not perfect
Nor can become one......
All we can do is
Make thing better
       A better world
       To fly free....
For no one less to depend on......

Poetry Jam

December 4, 2013


Sunny weather...
I search everywhere
Throat dried
Eyes Closed...........
I wonder where on earth
Will I get the water 
To quench my thirst........

Lonely Nights

 I lie in the king sized bad
 With no one to warm me up
    Phones or Tabs cant Help
    Its a cold night alone.....
I wait for sleep to arrive
   But its been flown away by the tears
Eyes swollen
Nose blowing 
Minds blocked by the separate thoughts
No one to confess
No one to hug you
No shoulders for heavy head
Joys lost Sorrow surrounded
Life cant be led.........
Without companion at all...
 Hope its not the Lonely night for u all this fall.......... Have a gr8 Christmas and Happy New Year...... ...... For one and all in dVerse Open Link  Week 125

November 29, 2013

Dried Out

Rose blossom in the snow
Like I creep from my shallow tones
I stay quit until stand no more
Rose wether off
Well I tare apart

Standing alone with no one to show
Tears fall from the melting snow
Life is not fare
For when it unfolds
Mistake of growing in snow
Made me pay 
for i now dried out 
With no greens to show......... 

November 28, 2013

World around

Walking out the house
We see so many people around
Some are smiling
Some are angry
some have no reaction at all

I walk to the bus stop
Waiting for the bus
I see a child 
Ask his mother 
For when the bus will be here
She answers him with a lovely smile
Soon we will be off singing
"  Wheels on the Bus goes"
 That brings the charm for all 

I walk to the market 
picking up vegs and fruits
I see the vender 
Offering me all
I carefully pick my stuffs
With a smile
He weighs it all 

I walk back home 
with all the things packed
As I see across the park
I see people 
Hugging and greating each other
Lovers happy with thier love
Mothers happy with their child
Hubby's happy to have their wifes 
Around their arms
with nothing to think beyond........

Poetry Jam - Gratitude Lists 

November 22, 2013

Ode of My Marriage

My Hubby
Handsome and sweet
Mostly tough to compete
I wonder how
You have been
Found me by chance
Locked me with
Your Desire stream
Life was wonderful
Until you erupt
We are Odds together
Like rail tracks
No one can join us
Except for our sweet little train 
Born to us
Our Joy our boy
We share our unmatched thoughts
 We cope with our paths
Life is a dream 
When there is no scream

November 6, 2013

An Hour atall

An Hour will never be back
I like to sleep an hour long
On a busy day head
But I dont get it atall

An hour I will never get
For spending my fathers funds
For my friends
To earn back that for him 
And to say sorry dad......
But it will not happen at all....

An Hour with out the mishaps
That caused the bridge between us
Will never get to explain
How it feels to hurt and get hurt
But it will be too long to say it all........

Know for sure

Poetry Jam  a group I enjoy to write and read... enjoying every-moment of ts presence.......LOVE U ALL...

Here is for this weeks contribution........

Know for sure
That My life will be so long
And I have to live everyday
For it to be the best

Know for Sure 
My son is the best thing 
I have every want
He so sweet and handsome of all

Know for sure
My Hubby is not easy to go
Will Have hard times
But not so hard as its for love

Know for sure
Its a Mans World of art
Women pride of and joy
Together life will be a easy sail to shore................

November 3, 2013

Red, White and Blue

In the snow covered lay
Was born the white angel
Without anyways face of discriminate
To create peace
To make the joy
For world space

In the hot summer heat
was born the evil demon
to destroy the maze
To destroy maze
To make the place
Red Blood spray

In the Joyful Rain
Was born the sober shower man
Sought between the Snow and heat
In the blue white and pale
Evaporates and colds down
With both the Angel and Demons Place.

Posted for Grace's Poetics: Color Me Spring ~ at dVerse Poets Pub.

October 30, 2013

Comfort me

O my love 
Comfort me with your
Sweet words of love
Take me whole
Bring me a smile for yours

My little baby 
Your words of innocence
Your laughter on my foolishness
Your play full times
Brings me a smile for you

Love and concern
Happiness and sorrow
everything shared 
Equal and parted 
with no difference 
Is all the Comfort,
I am looking for.................

October 24, 2013


Wonderful place
with aroma to take away
Walls with mirrors embedded
Lively display

Charming set display
with cling of glass
over the top
to a colorful display

Paneers and papads*
with onion and tomato
 in the drum of coal
toasted  & twister into be little smooky

Mouth watering
when u see the crowed eat
a place i love for my favorite treat.

*Paneer TIKKA is one of my favorite eat...... i just comes from the griller ...l.........
   Papads is a round think that is toasted and crispy state............

Poets United and Poetry Jam

October 16, 2013

Along Marina........

The 2nd largest beach
Its a lovely treat.. 
Morning walk.....
With lovely breeze.
Want to play in cool waters..
Walking along the Sandy path.
Had a horrible Scene
Reach all alone shore
No place to enjoy...
Had tears  to see
Such beautiful place to go waste
No respect No care  
For the mother nature .....
Selfish Lazy people 
Throwing just everything on the shore......

One morning me my hubby wanted to take my son to the beach as there will not be much crowed and We can have a peaceful time.... But what we found was this and this is so pathetic..... i can never ever forget that day how bad people are ............

September 26, 2013

October Sprit

Leaves leaving
Trees bare
With winds shedding
Brown Glowing land

Chills blowing
Nose flowing
Sudden Shiver
Covering the whole body

Autumn time
Maple leaves 
Converting Colors
pre-planning winter sprites

Rapping around
little shovels
over head
trying to make less clumsy

Fresh Air
Happy cheers
Lovers wrap
Sharing each-others warmth

Smiles say
 happiness sprays
All around
in the blowing Air.

October - Poetry Jam

September 19, 2013

Center Skys

Sitting by the side
Wonder about Ocean wide
May be the Sky meet
In the center of Ocean spear
Paddling my Boat
I travel to find the Center
Keep traveling and traveling
Only to meet the other end of the shore
Sky is only above
Believe I could meet it
Only belief, Couldn't make it 
Only when I travel
My final travel
Will I ever see the sky
For it the most beautiful thing
I adore my entire life

September 18, 2013


Battles are battled 
Everyday and Night...
We battle with our deices
We battle with Our hearts
We battle with our emotions
Battle for our love
Today we battle Life
In and out...
Nothing is got soon
Without battle  to be fought.........

This  is for Peggy's prompt at Poetry Jam.  The prompt is Battle.  Please join us

September 11, 2013


Place I love
Is the place I like to lace
Your comforting heart
Is where I am placed

Place I love
Is the beauty of man
Your lovely words
Is where my heart is chased

Place I love
Is also Gods resting place
Your lovely love
Is where you place me a pace

Place I love
Is where I am safe
Your mind is all inside
is where we are happy to stay

 the place i love is a heart.... I like to make a impression on people and win people.......... Human heart is the most beautiful place and I like to be in as many people mind as I can..... Thank u all.... Your have made me a place and Kim you are the person who inspired me the most and I wouldn't miss a Wednesday prompt for it makes me write more....Love You all and thank you all for giving me a space in this group............

Poets United - Place you Love..

Lost Thoughts

Losing my thoughts
Over a slip of a mike
Glass broken and shattered
Heart throbbing,Over split milk.

Losing my mind 
Out of heart felt
Lost dreams and lost hopes
Life holds nothing but sorrow 
Over shadow of love

Losing my place
In the beautiful world
Heart not accepting
Over losing everything 
As nothing stands permanent at all

Words were never shared
True feeling were never exposed
Beauty of love never fulfilled
Mad thoughts went unexpressed

Lost love
Lost hope 
Lost heart
Lost everything in all.................

September 4, 2013

Old but bold

Sitting on the new beds
On a new painted house
Everything is new
Feel the smell of fresh paint
Air with a chill
Still the cools surround
Lovely sky blue walls
With the ceiling Painted of starts
There stands in the corner
My old lucky Store
I store my jewels
I sore my Notes 
Documents and papers 
For not so imported 
To so precious of stones
Close the door 
its all scratchy and itchy
In its cuts it protects
Wobbling and gobbling
still Strong steel 
Storing as much as it could
My Great Father-in- Law owned it
Gave it to my husband
Now I own it
For it is only Property of heir I hold
6'foot tall Rusty Lucky Iron Cupboard...

Verse First ~ Right Under Your NoseThe Thing About RUST - Poetry Jam

August 29, 2013


One up one down
Jumping in and jumping out
Mommy screaming
"Boy You be careful"
"One step at a time we should go"
I just dont care
I jump upto three steps high
Climb down two.....
What a fun to do
Mommy with a cold eye
Screwing my ear slight
" Dont ever do that I am Scared"
Given her a Naughty smile
She cant be angry with me anymore
Pat my back 
"Be Careful I dont want a broken bone"
After 25 years
 I think back....
Yes that was the best lesson in the world
No point in climbing two steps
For one day you are sure for a broken Legs.............

August 26, 2013

*Morning Bliss*

Morning with the new beginning
With Sun rise Hot as ever it could be
Eyes get closed with the shining Rays
What a hot humid morning to start the day

Birds crying for food
Fighting with each other for their share
Dogs running in the streets 
To get what it take to survive the hot day

Mans in the cars Did Care the world around parts
Throttling the Gas engines polluting in all ways
Don't care the environment hazards
Buzzing all around for their living for the day 

August 23, 2013

I Cried out

IN this time.....
Waiting for my love
As long as i could
He ran away
For another dude

Waited still
I could feel the spirit
Coming back to my shell
Hoping to bring him 
Under my spell

Waited long enough
One blooming day
Being in  his gloomy  place
I brought him to blossom
In my smell.

Waiting was finally over
Was not sure he will be mine
Finally came in his best mist
To Tell me 
"I love You for ever"

Awaiting flow away
Spirits suddenly spray
I cried out loud
In the sunny day

Will all the Joy in the world 
Tingling in my head
Never had such day
Whole of my life will never forget............

Poets United

August 21, 2013

Vision life

Close my Eyes
See the inner sprite
Looking inside
Dreaming for the night.
I see nothing
But in the dark
Hear the pride
love and affection
 I could see them in my mind
Power self- realized 
Accomplishment  of love
En-dowered inside
Walking through the dark
Mysterious happy delight
Knowing All the care poured.
Without benefits of life.

August 8, 2013

Life Stay

Slicing and Dicing
with your ugly words
I dont want hear anymore
You have separated your life
Well I dont deserve that
Dont just stand there
You Cant control my living here

I am a pretty girl
My thoughts are different from yours
I want a pretty life
Not you sectioning it for me
I want to move on
Well you can stay as long as you want

Your  here to stay
I dont care what you say 
Dont see me like your meat
To cut me into pieces 
dice it in oven
Dont even Think about it

Job is my pride
I live my own living 
Your are here with me 
For pleasure and treat
Dont think you can make me sit
And serve you like a Indian wife
Its diffcult to explain right
For I am free bird

To fly my hights


Its diffcult to be one
walk along 
without strings

Catch hands
Share thoughts
without thinking

Play fare
without selfless
Monitory things on thoughts

August 7, 2013

In the Dark

When the Lights go out
Comforting the heart
I like dark

I see things glow
In my heart
Walking and finding things
Was a fun
Always love that part

Now its time
Alone in my room
Just by myself
In the dark

I feel my body relax
My mind is free
No noise to interrupt

Sound of fan off
Buzzing computer shut down
I lay in my bed
Breathing hard......

Seeing the sky
From the window hole
How beautiful the Stars are....
We miss them in city lights
Enjoying every moment 
of lonely spot......

August 3, 2013

Labour Pain

When my son was born 5 years a go.... It was the most heart breaking day of my life.... he is a survivor.... He live making my life more joy..... I would do anything .......... Seeing him fight every day till now is a pain.... But We are so happy to have a gift God gave us......... A love young smart chap..............

Pain in  back
Killing like stages of knife
Day one it was mild...
Walked here walked there
No one could answer what it was like
Saw some stains 
But didn't know 
It was pre-break up
Doctors didn't find
Its was labour pain
Day two continued
Baby move was still 
Didn't Know he was struggling inside
Due date a month ahead
Mom says its fine 
Pregnancy is like that
No one could say 
he is premature pain
Long Day's Journey Into Night
I scream in pain
Said mom....
I am bleeding 
She got scared.....
One in the night
Doctor arrive
Finally saying
It was time
But cant say who will be alive 
My baby came
With only 34 weeks growth
But I had completed 36 weeks
I was in pain
My Baby rushed  
In vain
Left alone
In the empty labour room
Only nurse to attend
Didnt know what to do
Praying God in my heart.....
I lay in the bed
with no one to answer my call......

August 1, 2013

Iron Man

Man build
Steel body 
Hings as elbow and knees
Body covered 
with heavy metal
Guns and rays in Palm
Shield in the wrist
Instead of watch
To protect gun shot
Almost touch the moon 
with power booster on
Sky has no limit
No passports to carry on
Fly around 
with just red suit on......

Poetry Jam....

Poet united

Join hands
without martial facts

Man with
Ideal maps

Direction unknown
with unreal tracks

Walking together
with all dreams smashed

This was a tough one for me.. As I am new to these formats.... Hope i did well.... Waiting for ur feed backs.

Poets United--

Verse First ~ The Red Wheelbarrow

July 24, 2013

Time to sit Back

Winds blowing 
Birds Singing
Time to Sit 
With your arms stretched
On my Grandpa easy Chair
Mug Coffee to sip 
On Cloudy evening Bliss
Time has passed
Way beyond
Duties done for long enough
Time to self realize
Dreams inside
Joy from work well done
Joy of self accomplishments...
Enjoying presence of unseen Friends 
With only a Palmtop in hand
Relaxing myself in the cyber bay......

July 18, 2013

Summer Splash

Its time to splash away
Heat getting in the way
Running towards the water play
Salish a splash our way..........
through the smooth sandy bay
Wish to have a ocean spray
In the deserted its only oasis stay
As animals travel to watering hole
I run down the sandy forms
To the little water pole
Wonder how......
Water pore in the dry shore...........

July 17, 2013

Life Cycle..............

Was born in this world
Like a chubby little girl
Mother cherished
Father Adored
Born as Charm in the Family                    (5)     
Grow up to be a toddler
Can’t remember at all
How it was to be alone 
Just with toys                                              
Little sister came into life                         (10)      
Didn't know she was a baby
Until she was born
Never had that time to play along                                 
We had no match of mind
She used to get on me                             (15)
I used to get scared
For the silly little pranks
Now it’s funny to remember it all        
I wonder in my leisure                             
How did mom bring us?                          (20)
From all those trouble time
From all those ups and downs
Dad was in Business
Mom was the homemaker
Bring us alone                                          (25)
Keeping our sprits above
Become a teenager
World was totally wrong
Didn’t enjoy a mint of it
For it was a struggle of thoughts           (30)
Mom said something’s                                    
Which was unacceptable by me?
Dad with no words at all      
Left with Choice of my own
Thinking they were rights                        (35)
But then it took so long
for it to become wrong                                  
Friends where all the Joy
But didn't realize 
They will be gone                                     (40)
When it was time to hold on
In the times of Storm                  
Was a lonely life
Until when I got married
Wish that everything was fine                 (45)
With my son born
I cherish him                                         
My hubby adored
Puny little premature boy
It was a struggle                                       (50)
For us to bring him up
In the world of troubles                         
Lots of fights
Lots of misunderstanding
It was a tough time going through         (55)
Mom and dad supported
From every angle they could
For I accept now

What she said was all true……

July 11, 2013

Locked Herself

This poem is about  a treasure that was found inside a Temple India........................

She locked herself
From the world around
Not wanting evil to come around

She locked herself
From the lights of Charm
For it scared her
To take her from the ground

She locked herself
without wanting the world to know
her wealth of worth

She Locked herself
all alone in the bottom
No one could get down to her
For no one knows what

Many year passed
She stayed quit and calm
All by herself in the chambers
Created by ancient arts

Until one day, One man unlocked
the first door of Chamber
And going further and further
Till the 6th Chamber of treasure of God

Last Chamber of evil
Is held by Powerful Gods
No one could get past
Even they try to part Evil Comes along...

Birds I watch.........

My little Crow
Eating all that i throw
For him its food
For i don't waste anymore
I share him my living
I share him some drink
Cold water
For I have a bowl........
To pore out..........
We share nothing else
IF he does crook in my door
I wonder where show goes....

I hear the Dove 
near the exhaust of wash
Trying to build their home
In my shaft door
Eating left overs of the crow
They pass there day
Cuddling each other in the cold

I have a unknown friend 

Haven't see her at all all my life
She wakes me every morning
"Coooo'....." Cooooooo"
From the High bushy tree of all
I search her in the dawn lights.....
Gash! unable to find............
Everytime I hear her voice
I keep searching the Skys

July 8, 2013

Way in storm

Lighting Lighting the path
From the stormy dark
Sounds of Thunder
Shaking little heart
Hugging mom tightly
She says "I am scared"
Around her neck with the little hands
Mom smiles back
Don't worry you are safe in our hands
Not sure of the plans
She comforts her
Wondering and gazing at each other
Mom and dad are not sure
For Storm getting heavier.

Cant back up
They have driven too far
Arrived near No man land
No shelter to stop 
No place to hide at all
Thunder sticking
Rain Pouring
Wiper swishing
Girl Crying
Mom worrying
Dad scarily driving
Finding their way through the storm.

July 6, 2013

Love Communicate.

We walked together
Without words on our way
We wanted it to long
For time we have is not so long

Joining hand
we wished it would stay
For we have the duties of the world
To its clams 

We cant talk
We cant spend value time at all
Each one on their ways
For its a Gadget world we stay

We live in the same house
We eat together
But to communicate 
We have to use the mail.

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