March 15, 2017


Do not remember the last amusement visit
but had a little fun 
around the fun fare 
bouncy castles where joy runs 
the mint we step into that
now i watch from far
to see my little one longing for
as he is scared to enter
for he cant manage its pressure
He looks other kids
with a longing eye
tears may not run down
but deep inside 
silent voice saying "why cant I"
I tell my little one my not now
but one day will can
hoping good will open eyes
strengthen his legs to run and ride.

May 27, 2016

Never too Late

Dreams are not late to achieve
for it happens when everything is light
My passion can and go
For I do not relax at times
I dream to become tall
But I am an ant who lives tall
I dream to travel a lot
But I sit here and never want to leave home at all
I go to near by places but
I get home sick with out the cushion I sit
My life gets stuck
But never too stuck to get out
My dreams
My life
all I wonder
Its hard to leave the pace
for the world overall

Hi Guys
its been so long but its nice to be back in this forum.


October 8, 2014

my back yard

Here Parrots sound
We cant see them in 
Around green bushy trees
I work in my kitchen 
there is a sudden movement
across window 
Four parrots fighting
for one mango 
in my back yard garden
catch my eyes in between
my morning cooking.

Pardon me for the poor video quality...... its my window kitchen backyard mango tree............

This poem is shared with dVerse Poetics today where Marina Sofa prompts: "Write a poem about the happening in the corner of your eye."     

September 3, 2014

Best Friend

Its been a long time i have made my presence...... Work School function........... so much to do but i didnt want to miss this as i love claudia schoenfeld Work as well as her poem and want to make my time this time........ Sry for my short little appearance and not been active.......... Hope to work everything to normal............

So here is my pic and the poem to it...........
In the busy city
I work my way
Nothing so beautiful 
Top hill view
city of history
City with pride
Were i always love 
to spend rest of my life
Nothing more fun
With a coffee in hand
With the lovely aroma 
Spending my time 
quite and leisure
With mom my best friend to share

This poem is written for dVerse Poetics for my prompt over there.  Claudia Schoenfeld's Flickr page has may pic and many beautiful work I choose two of them to write my prompt.

August 13, 2014

Home Not home anymore

Born in a family
Married to another
Father mother now alone
But still not my home
Heart deep inside grown up space
Cant live their any more
My home is where my hubby lives
That is also not for me
Its only for in laws to live
Your space , privacy
all in stake.
only you have to adjust 
and live a life of discomfort
may wonder,
Where is my space
For I want my private state.......................

July 31, 2014


Hi friends I am writing after a long time.... This is in reality happening in India........... Ashamed of the incident. Now I feel its hunting me around... This little girl who is in the age of my son was raped by the teacher as punishment in a dark room, she is may not even have know how to toilet alone without an adult, She fell sick and didnt even say to her mother what happened, Luckly mother come to know ............... What teacher can do to their student in kindergarten or just passed kindergartner.

Hunted by the rumors
Found the realty
Why she didnt sleep
For she was in dark
Never to get up at all
Was pushed and punished 
for no reason of mischif
How will a mother sleep
after hearing
what will the mother do
Whats the future that holds
Poor child can she go to school again
will we have the power 
to send our children
School is second home
But now i feel
Scared to send my son
It may be a boy or a girl
Harassment is same as to everyone
What will we do
What is the future
is there a safe place 
No one need to attack us
As we have to attack our-self
For not respecting our life's
true values and hopes

 For Dverses prompt  Poet on DMT.....

June 25, 2014

Words are wisdom

Love care
Share to dare
I don't mind whats on my mind
all eases With a lovely smile
worries ponder
I wonder for words
swishes away the ponder
slack day
when bell play
like thunder to ears
Soft words fail
Sit quit Look back
Place your word on backside
pic of smiles
sweet memories will fly by
New day Will always
Open up
Hope with new start...

Today at dVerse Poetics Marina wants us to write about shattering and rebuilding, be it personal or in the world. My confidence is to read and write, My hubbys hope with my future is  bright and we want to walk together no matter what.
Our son is going to school and he is feeling down now all I want to do is keep talking to him to make him a strong person and give him hope saying this is new  Life of new friends.. I am so happy with the kids he is studying, all are giving him courage and hope and will be there for him to make him walk........ I see hope and courage in those little once words and smile........ they are only 6-7 year it amaze me how they all give him a worm welcome, hug him and make him feel light.......I thank God for having kids so sweet around him its his will that we are so fortunate to have such a school and such young  people with energy around.

June 24, 2014

Lost thought

Juggling between school and clinics
Operations and corridor
Doctor and teachers
Life for the little one
So hard and loom

Juggling and juggling
Thoughts tough
No clue to ponder
Little hopes wonder
Life for the little brain
Is hard to refrain

Juggling with life
Of faith and fair play
We pray everyday
To hope for a better living
Life for the little chap
Is hard and tough to gain.

June 18, 2014

World Around

Every place has a beauty
Just to see
Flower bloom
Bird squeegee
Animal roar
To see those 
through the eyes 
is a goods gift of life.

No wonder why
We don't see life
around the tiles
of your own homes alive.
But wonder 
across seas
Miles deep inside 
to search of world away 
then beside.

today at dVerse Abhra asks us where in the world we would love to be 


The Gap that grow over small fight never could be bridged
Words lost over anger could never got back
Broken bridge of life
For no return of glide.

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