July 31, 2014


Hi friends I am writing after a long time.... This is in reality happening in India........... Ashamed of the incident. Now I feel its hunting me around... This little girl who is in the age of my son was raped by the teacher as punishment in a dark room, she is may not even have know how to toilet alone without an adult, She fell sick and didnt even say to her mother what happened, Luckly mother come to know ............... What teacher can do to their student in kindergarten or just passed kindergartner.

Hunted by the rumors
Found the realty
Why she didnt sleep
For she was in dark
Never to get up at all
Was pushed and punished 
for no reason of mischif
How will a mother sleep
after hearing
what will the mother do
Whats the future that holds
Poor child can she go to school again
will we have the power 
to send our children
School is second home
But now i feel
Scared to send my son
It may be a boy or a girl
Harassment is same as to everyone
What will we do
What is the future
is there a safe place 
No one need to attack us
As we have to attack our-self
For not respecting our life's
true values and hopes

 For Dverses prompt  Poet on DMT.....

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