May 28, 2014


Messiah drinking
From his aluminium Glass
and Eating his limited meals 
In an aluminium plat
Behind Wooden doors
Where no one knows
With his shadow
from the Luminous
Playing tricks
Of his persona
as a king.

May 21, 2014

Miles to before I sleep.............

Over @ dVerse, Mary has us writing to quotes...

    This is all time in my mind...... whenever I feel down I used to say Miles to go before I sleep and remember the story my teacher told me ..................Stopping by the woods -  
My miles are yet to be completed i will never know when it will end as in the poem Robert Frost horse doesn't know why he stops, in my life my husband used to wonder sometime what this girl is up to.. yes i just be inside me its hard to guess my thoughts prob its the effect of this poem which is so deep down buried in my heart.
Looking back the path
Where only memories last
I am just the ordinary women
To live thy dreams
Achieve each one of all 
Body is worn out now
Not a teen age girl to run around
Medical history is growing each day
Living a tough life thy
Hopes are still high
Achievements goals are higher
Sitting in 2/2 cubical
I write what I desire 
Filling my dreams
Opening my heart
For I have not lost
But has accommodated all
Still filling each cup
Drinking desires of life
Making each ordinary day
Meeting peoples 
Mails away....
Well Have to travel round the clock
of the world wide web
sitting in just 2/2 wooden block. 

May 14, 2014

Love to explore

Who are you and whom do you love? 
The women of dreams
dies for self of belonging
lives for her love
the one who loves 
One who keeps her as a queen

What else are you, that no one has seen before?
No one knows
I write my life out
My emotions are in control
for i have a friend to confess to
My online dairy
To be myself and expose

Describe a morning you woke without fear.

The day I am alone
on the shoulders of my love
In the dream land shore
over the toppest mount 
in Cloud No 9 of unknown

How will you know when you get there?

sleep like a baby
When I wake up
to the deep kiss of my love

Those are the questions, Marina has us answer for poetics at dVerse today… i answered all four of them…

May 9, 2014


"Where are you going sweet heart?"
Ask with a disappointment 
As she walks in angry
out of the bed

"I am talking to you"
she just doesn't show interest
as she is filled with grief.....

Pulling her closer
to face him straight on his chest

"Just don't got wild
I know you feel bad
For you have to adjust"

"Whats for me to adjust?
What for me to wait?
I am independent, 
I want my space"

"You always put me down
Never go for my taste
Where is my little privacy 
That I long for to fill my grace"

"Nor money Nor pride Nor fame 
I ask for you to chase"

"All I need is my private space
for a while to re juice my inner blaze"

This poem is written for dVerse Meeting the Bar, where Claudia is having us use conversation in poetry.  this most of us can relate to as it happens to our day to day life............

May 7, 2014

banana tree

I sprout from my mothers root
Grow to give a lovely fruit
My leaves are the best to eat food
South Indian marriage use to decorate
Their food is not complete with out my supplies
From the door till dinning floor
You can see my presence
Every part of me is used
I don't go waste or no good

Abhra has us write trees for dVerse today… This is a tree I always love as it is so auspicious and also it is also very useful in every way........... It gives fruit vegetable and all its leaf is good for eating as it takes away the toxin in food that is what it is believed.......................

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