October 8, 2014

my back yard

Here Parrots sound
We cant see them in 
Around green bushy trees
I work in my kitchen 
there is a sudden movement
across window 
Four parrots fighting
for one mango 
in my back yard garden
catch my eyes in between
my morning cooking.

Pardon me for the poor video quality...... its my window kitchen backyard mango tree............

This poem is shared with dVerse Poetics today where Marina Sofa prompts: "Write a poem about the happening in the corner of your eye."     


  1. That sounds like paradise: mango tree, parrots - if I had those in my garden, I would make them the centre of my eye. But it's what we are used to and what we start to take for granted, right? There are days when I barely notice the glorious mountain views from my window.

  2. It might take the event of actually seeing the parrots fighting of a mango ... personally I would be overwhelmed with everything if I was there...

    1. I love to but the problem is i just dont have time in the morning with my son clinging to my legs to start to school any way i had a little time to video it which i have added here........... thanks Bjorn

  3. Yes, peripheral vision - important all the same.

  4. ha. would be fun to watch...hopefully they are just being playful...i t would fascinate me to stop and watch though....

  5. Oh, I would love to see what you see, Lasha. I loved your video & would love to be able to step outside and collect mangos as you can. Enjoy those parrots. Such beauutiful birds.

  6. How exciting! Very cool that you could take even a few moments to pay attention before resuming your daily duties.

  7. oh nice.. i would love to have a mango tree in my garden.... and parrots...sigh...i have a pear tree though...smiles

  8. mango's and parrots: green gorgeousness!

  9. I love mangoes; so jealous you have a tree... smiles. A great scene, I def would've been watching :)

  10. it must be rich and full of color there!

  11. Ah i love the details of nature.. that make a tapestry of flow in nature.. so beautiful from the windows of kitchen life.. where delight comes true...

    It is the hawk.. the squirrel.. the beauty red of cardinal wings that catches the corner of my eyes too..

    But mostly outside.. as my wife doesn't allow me in the kitchen at all.. and the bedroom window is closed in metaphor by eyes focused on this computer screen....yes even when open.. the prison can be here....

  12. Thank you for sharing the moments with us...lovely setting.

  13. I've only seen a parrot in a cage, so I would probably drop my breakfast. The video was a fun addition to the prompt. I suppose we can all relate to getting used to our own environment. I live on one of the Great Lakes that looks like an ocean. My husband comes from the desert landscape of the southwest. I am obsessed with canyons. He is obsessed with water.


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