May 27, 2016

Never too Late

Dreams are not late to achieve
for it happens when everything is light
My passion can and go
For I do not relax at times
I dream to become tall
But I am an ant who lives tall
I dream to travel a lot
But I sit here and never want to leave home at all
I go to near by places but
I get home sick with out the cushion I sit
My life gets stuck
But never too stuck to get out
My dreams
My life
all I wonder
Its hard to leave the pace
for the world overall

Hi Guys
its been so long but its nice to be back in this forum.



  1. I specially love this part:

    But I am an ant who lives tall
    I dream to travel a lot

    Keep on dreaming ~ Thanks for joining in ~


  2. I love the thought of those dreams that keep coming back to eventually become truth.

  3. Dreams remain dream while we stay sedentary. They become realities when they are acted upon. Never deny your dreams! A wonderful effort!

  4. Nice to meet you here, Lasha. Hoping you'll meander around a bit and stop by again -- much more often! I enjoyed reading this and would love to see more :)

  5. Welcome to dVerse! I hope you will wander about and get to know some of your new neighbors. Indeed, it is never to late to have dreams.


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