May 29, 2013

Poem 2---- Function of Freedom????

Poem 2

You free other
 for if only 
you free yourself...
We live in a world of commitment
Where we are knot
with the life cycle
Mothers Love holding us from flying
Father care making us stay there
Got married
Thought freedom was right here
Under your ear
well you were wrong
Freedom is totally gone
Now you have to support yourself
Take care of your new family
Cook, clean, eat, work, drive........
Its a long day
Dont even relax for a time
Cant even watch a show at times
Kids, Birth, Health,
Support, stay, care,
You start where your parents lift you
Where to think of a free life
For me to even talk 
The function of free-dom

Verse First ~ The Function of Freedom

Poem 1

Want to free the Birds
From the Hunters
Want to free the Fishes
From the fisherman
Want to free the Trees
From the wood cutter
Want to free the water
From contamination
Want to free the women
From the abusing man
Want to free the Child
from the orphans
Want to free the mother earth
From exploitation......

May 27, 2013

New Life

Thanks for all the people in dverse -  I wish one and all Happy Christmas and New Year 2014.... Let this newer be a  NEW  Life for one and all Will be missing you guys,... Cant wait to be back.......
*Driving* on the highway
From *Texas* to *New York*
Its a long way
With only Music to share
Its almost night...
I see the *Moonlight*
*Shining* Bright
Stars and Plants
*Dancing* to the tune
I wonder to the beauty
Of the night.
New life awaiting
From the country side 
Moving to a new Busy city..
*Alone* I ponder
If its going to give
*Glory* to my dreams
or I am going to fall on my knees
All of a sudden
I see
*Sparkle*from the sky
Wishing star crossing
Above my head
I stopped my car
To wish
Continuing my journey
Without a break
I finally arrived
On the broader of the city
Parking my car on the side ways
I *fell* on my knees
To pray...
God! Thank you for making me Come so far...... 

May 23, 2013

Truth.. is Scary

Scared to Share The truth
Which cant be hidden
Its a wild secret
That cant hold back

Scared to Share The truth
For fear of Rejection
For it might spoil the whole fun
and never to be the same

Scared to Share The truth
The true past of us
As it will give a gloomy present
and a Dark future

Scared to Share The truth
For it will affect your life
And will continue till you live
For the darkest truth is hard to accept

Scared to Share The truth
My wildest truth
As I had very little to defend
As it made my life the most ugliest

For verse first - wild-truth

May 21, 2013

Over and over again

Over and over again was this woman
Who could not hear a thing......
She was stumbled by the word
She was  Stun by the act
For her Love left her in vain....

over and over again was this woman
Who was worrying
Not Knowing what went wrong
Not understand the world around
For her Love left her alone 

over and over again was this woman
Who was gathering her thoughts
Leaving her mind behind....
Carrying her broke heart
For her Love has taken it all.....

For Poets of G+ 

May 18, 2013

She shines

In the midest of the flower
She shines like a sun
In the beauty of the nature
She shares the glow
Flowers feel proud
Being among the wonder
Her shiny skin
Her shaped body
She is a beauty to adore
Brown eyes
Pink lips
Sweet smile
Flowing Hair
That what she carries
Among the flower
She shines like a sun.

This is very old Poem which I wrote in 2005 after seeing this pic........ I am glad to share it now with you...... Thanks for the prompt and this is the first poem for your site... Glad to join you.


All I do every day
Drive around the city
Go here and Go there
Not knowing whats for the day
I rome and rome and rome
with my son to accompany me
We sing we chit chat
Its a Nice time we have
We read we identify
We play the Number game
It might be strange
But we do a lot of thing
Driving Back home
I love this time
I enjoy ....... as its private...For us combined..........

May 17, 2013

One lovely Blog........

I have been nominated by the lovely  for the Rayona 'One Lovely Blog Award'. 

This was a lovely surprise, thank you again! Do check out her fantastic blog - Poets for Blind

The rules of the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’:
Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post

Share seven things about you
Pass the award on to seven nominees

Thank the person who nominated you

Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs

Seven things about me:

  1. I am a women from India 
  2. My Mother is the best thing in my life
  3. My son is going to be 5 and he is the lovely person  
  4. I have been writing since my school days 
  5. Music is my way out of every situation apart from my poem
  6. Writing is my life........ 
  7. Joy of life comes from words is what i belive
My nominees- Who made my write once again

Her blog -


Vandana Mam

(ok- I may have bent the rules a tad on this one)

Please visit all of my nominies sites and make sure to add them on google+. 

May 16, 2013

About a Poet from a Poet

When I see your Creation
I get to relate it to my life..
When I see your Poems
I wonder how each post are.....
There are simple words
With High quality of thoughts
How could we create so much in all
Its a wonder to meet you...
For I see a similar life in you
I have found a joy in your words
I have found marry in your posts
You have given life to most of my thoughts
I see a different world in this blog..

May 15, 2013

Universe we say

I just thought of what would be the Universe for different moments and i came up with this small Poem....... it might be funny or even odd....... But i like the way i have come up.......... Thanks Kim for this wonderful prompt................

Universe We say the Twinkling Stars
                          the World that we are

Universe we say Man and women
                          The animals and birds

Universe we say  Your home you stay
                            My Life as a pray

Universe we say  One times food for the Hungry beggar
                                One mini sleep for the sleeps worrier 

Universe we say  Child's smile for the new mother
                                 Glowing Eyes for the Father

Universe we say  Ray of light for the hopeless
                                 Trees shadow for the Homeless

Universe we say Claps of the audience for a proformer
                                Word of appreciation for the non-performer

Universe we say Joy of want in the lovers eyes
                                 Promise of love for the whole life.........

Verse FirstKim NelsonMuriel Rukeyser

  Kim NelsonMay 15, 2013 at 3:19 PM
Lasha... I tried several times to comment at your site, but was each time redirected to a file not found page.
Your poem is made up of images and instances that create a wonderful world. It made me smile

Sherry Blue SkyMay 15, 2013 at 9:02 PM
Lasha, it wouldnt let me comment either - but you have written a poem full of images of this wonderful old planet! Love the twinkling stars!
  1. Sorry to all the site had some problem i just rectified it...... thank you so much for this...... It has given me losts of smiles and love ......... thank you all

World Around Me.........

Wake up at 6........
To the wonderful Cukoo of the birds....
To see the flowers in My garden
All Colors dashing red..... Pleasant Violets
Wonderful White..... Smoothing yellows
Natural green leaves....
 Breathing the fresh air 
Sip the wonderful Mug 
Full of Cafe....... 
To make the day
Lovely Morning Sun
Giving worm  rays...
Feel like just sitting around......
God its 8 already
and I am late.............

May 13, 2013

For my Son

My son came to me......
We had all the troubles we could meet.......
We were separated........ the day he was born
He went to Neo-natal.
I say a glims of his eyes...
Hard a feeble voice......
He was taken away then.......
My mom was with him
I didnt know what was happening
My little sister by my side...
we were clueless all night.....
days passed...... on the 5th day..
I was there ........
Very scared to even touch him
he was all warped in medical tubes.....
Such small hands was poked with needs
That was the most horrifying day of my life....
We have come a long way........
I proud to be the mother........
For I have a son who lives for me..........

This is for my Son who is the world for me..... and his photo when he was a month old 

May 10, 2013

Dull Moments

Boring moments.
Nothing to do
No money to while away
Cant sit at home still
Everything around is irritating
What a life......
Your hubby cant accept your way
Your in laws are way away....
Your son too adamant these days
Everyone on your nerves......
I wish just to sit in a place 
With in a airy bay..
With mild waves........
Sitting quite for admiring
God i am now in a 2/2 cubical
With nothing to say.............
Only my dreams of the day..........

May 9, 2013


Women walk out...........
For u have the right..........
What you want...
What u have.......
For you create the world...
For you create your life......
No one else do.......
No wrong exists in this world.
What your mind do it right......
Harm no one else.........
Free yourself and others.......
For you have your Authentic Life

Verses... Poets United

May 8, 2013

Joy of Poetry

I am in joy, 
Jump in to the world of verse
I am in pain
Cuddle my Dairy for hope...
Cry out loud 
into the world of letters
It has taken my sorrow
Given me hope.. 
Poetry has shown me new life
Given me new people
Made my life meaningful
Flue around the world 
In reading different words
Write all that i could
Write all the happy and sorrow,
Dreams and hopes, Life and love....
God gave me a gift
I call it a blessing
What i have is the best...
For I am a Poet..........


May 6, 2013

Scary Night

I see the Sun Go down........
With tiers of scar Coming around......
The roads are calm
As its winter fall
Left alone in the lonely walk...

Sounds of night birds
Make me skip a beat........
Dog barks... Makes me still.........
Wondering which way out.......
Thinking of my love I stand alone.......

Cant remember! cant see!
O! God stay with me.....
I Clung on to my court......
Run as fast as i could.......
With nothing else to know......

Saw a tall man... shoveling snow....
A sing of relief  fall on to my knees
God stayed with me............
Tier of Scar changed to tier of joy
O! Man please take me home.......

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