November 29, 2013

Dried Out

Rose blossom in the snow
Like I creep from my shallow tones
I stay quit until stand no more
Rose wether off
Well I tare apart

Standing alone with no one to show
Tears fall from the melting snow
Life is not fare
For when it unfolds
Mistake of growing in snow
Made me pay 
for i now dried out 
With no greens to show......... 

November 28, 2013

World around

Walking out the house
We see so many people around
Some are smiling
Some are angry
some have no reaction at all

I walk to the bus stop
Waiting for the bus
I see a child 
Ask his mother 
For when the bus will be here
She answers him with a lovely smile
Soon we will be off singing
"  Wheels on the Bus goes"
 That brings the charm for all 

I walk to the market 
picking up vegs and fruits
I see the vender 
Offering me all
I carefully pick my stuffs
With a smile
He weighs it all 

I walk back home 
with all the things packed
As I see across the park
I see people 
Hugging and greating each other
Lovers happy with thier love
Mothers happy with their child
Hubby's happy to have their wifes 
Around their arms
with nothing to think beyond........

Poetry Jam - Gratitude Lists 

November 22, 2013

Ode of My Marriage

My Hubby
Handsome and sweet
Mostly tough to compete
I wonder how
You have been
Found me by chance
Locked me with
Your Desire stream
Life was wonderful
Until you erupt
We are Odds together
Like rail tracks
No one can join us
Except for our sweet little train 
Born to us
Our Joy our boy
We share our unmatched thoughts
 We cope with our paths
Life is a dream 
When there is no scream

November 6, 2013

An Hour atall

An Hour will never be back
I like to sleep an hour long
On a busy day head
But I dont get it atall

An hour I will never get
For spending my fathers funds
For my friends
To earn back that for him 
And to say sorry dad......
But it will not happen at all....

An Hour with out the mishaps
That caused the bridge between us
Will never get to explain
How it feels to hurt and get hurt
But it will be too long to say it all........

Know for sure

Poetry Jam  a group I enjoy to write and read... enjoying every-moment of ts presence.......LOVE U ALL...

Here is for this weeks contribution........

Know for sure
That My life will be so long
And I have to live everyday
For it to be the best

Know for Sure 
My son is the best thing 
I have every want
He so sweet and handsome of all

Know for sure
My Hubby is not easy to go
Will Have hard times
But not so hard as its for love

Know for sure
Its a Mans World of art
Women pride of and joy
Together life will be a easy sail to shore................

November 3, 2013

Red, White and Blue

In the snow covered lay
Was born the white angel
Without anyways face of discriminate
To create peace
To make the joy
For world space

In the hot summer heat
was born the evil demon
to destroy the maze
To destroy maze
To make the place
Red Blood spray

In the Joyful Rain
Was born the sober shower man
Sought between the Snow and heat
In the blue white and pale
Evaporates and colds down
With both the Angel and Demons Place.

Posted for Grace's Poetics: Color Me Spring ~ at dVerse Poets Pub.

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