September 26, 2013

October Sprit

Leaves leaving
Trees bare
With winds shedding
Brown Glowing land

Chills blowing
Nose flowing
Sudden Shiver
Covering the whole body

Autumn time
Maple leaves 
Converting Colors
pre-planning winter sprites

Rapping around
little shovels
over head
trying to make less clumsy

Fresh Air
Happy cheers
Lovers wrap
Sharing each-others warmth

Smiles say
 happiness sprays
All around
in the blowing Air.

October - Poetry Jam

September 19, 2013

Center Skys

Sitting by the side
Wonder about Ocean wide
May be the Sky meet
In the center of Ocean spear
Paddling my Boat
I travel to find the Center
Keep traveling and traveling
Only to meet the other end of the shore
Sky is only above
Believe I could meet it
Only belief, Couldn't make it 
Only when I travel
My final travel
Will I ever see the sky
For it the most beautiful thing
I adore my entire life

September 18, 2013


Battles are battled 
Everyday and Night...
We battle with our deices
We battle with Our hearts
We battle with our emotions
Battle for our love
Today we battle Life
In and out...
Nothing is got soon
Without battle  to be fought.........

This  is for Peggy's prompt at Poetry Jam.  The prompt is Battle.  Please join us

September 11, 2013


Place I love
Is the place I like to lace
Your comforting heart
Is where I am placed

Place I love
Is the beauty of man
Your lovely words
Is where my heart is chased

Place I love
Is also Gods resting place
Your lovely love
Is where you place me a pace

Place I love
Is where I am safe
Your mind is all inside
is where we are happy to stay

 the place i love is a heart.... I like to make a impression on people and win people.......... Human heart is the most beautiful place and I like to be in as many people mind as I can..... Thank u all.... Your have made me a place and Kim you are the person who inspired me the most and I wouldn't miss a Wednesday prompt for it makes me write more....Love You all and thank you all for giving me a space in this group............

Poets United - Place you Love..

Lost Thoughts

Losing my thoughts
Over a slip of a mike
Glass broken and shattered
Heart throbbing,Over split milk.

Losing my mind 
Out of heart felt
Lost dreams and lost hopes
Life holds nothing but sorrow 
Over shadow of love

Losing my place
In the beautiful world
Heart not accepting
Over losing everything 
As nothing stands permanent at all

Words were never shared
True feeling were never exposed
Beauty of love never fulfilled
Mad thoughts went unexpressed

Lost love
Lost hope 
Lost heart
Lost everything in all.................

September 4, 2013

Old but bold

Sitting on the new beds
On a new painted house
Everything is new
Feel the smell of fresh paint
Air with a chill
Still the cools surround
Lovely sky blue walls
With the ceiling Painted of starts
There stands in the corner
My old lucky Store
I store my jewels
I sore my Notes 
Documents and papers 
For not so imported 
To so precious of stones
Close the door 
its all scratchy and itchy
In its cuts it protects
Wobbling and gobbling
still Strong steel 
Storing as much as it could
My Great Father-in- Law owned it
Gave it to my husband
Now I own it
For it is only Property of heir I hold
6'foot tall Rusty Lucky Iron Cupboard...

Verse First ~ Right Under Your NoseThe Thing About RUST - Poetry Jam

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