June 11, 2014

Past to tell

that my great grand father and grandmother. me next to him in the traditional swing which is still part of our house.
Great Grandfather came to town
Leaving his ways back home
To make his children
The 1st pic  with my Grand ma and my bro sis
2nd pic my dads car (he still has it) 1975 ambasidar'
standing in the old house which i have written about.
3rd me and my sis in kodikannal holiday
last my younger bro birth day
Have a better life 
Five in total
Everyone so different
When I look back
I couldn't relate them
Each in their own ways
Now we have a home
a place of history that holds
I have grown up their
Now it holds a modern flats
Couldn't keep the whole big place
For safety and needs 
Now even in my dreams 
I cant forget
Those huge doors 
Those big trees 
With wells and bells
Flowers and leaves
Everywhere to please.
Now I see 
Only tall building 
Mobile towers
Nothing to easy
the eyes of needs

Grace has us write ancestors at dVerse today…


  1. Lasha, first of all I loved seeing all of the photos! And it sounds like you have wonderful memories of your childhood. I enjoyed the details you included, the mention of the 'huge doors.' Sad when one can see the changes that take place over the years, isn't it.....with tall buildings and mobile towers everywhere.

  2. there are some things that i would love to stay the same...i think our rush to modernity we have lost many things that are important and lost a bit of the art to life...and even in the world around us....interesting the chang ein our perspective as we grow too...smiles.

  3. Thank you for sharing your family photo ~ How sad that such things that we remember are not there anymore but demolished due to modern times ~ But it lives in our hearts - like yours ~

  4. I love these lines: "With wells and bells/Flowers and leaves/Everywhere to please." Lovely glimpse into your "place of history."

  5. Your poem touched me a lot, for this prompt opened up our hearts & homes, & the sharing has been incredible. Thanks for the glimpse into your heritage.

  6. I so enjoy the photos, Lasha, and love your poem about the past - remembering how it was, the big doors. It is sad how things must sometimes, of necessity, change.But I'm glad the family base is still in the same place.

  7. love the beautiful photos Lasha..and thaks for this wonderful share..

  8. i really liked your poem and i can understand your need to feel the old place again..at least you all still have the place..

  9. Somehow those old roots become important to us.. and when they are gone to progress and to high building.. only the memories remain....

  10. it's sad when the small houses and flowers disappear... i love the swing that is still in your home...so very cool... thanks for sharing a bit of your history with us lasha


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