March 15, 2017


Do not remember the last amusement visit
but had a little fun 
around the fun fare 
bouncy castles where joy runs 
the mint we step into that
now i watch from far
to see my little one longing for
as he is scared to enter
for he cant manage its pressure
He looks other kids
with a longing eye
tears may not run down
but deep inside 
silent voice saying "why cant I"
I tell my little one my not now
but one day will can
hoping good will open eyes
strengthen his legs to run and ride.


  1. Ah....your image explains your poem here. The mother's love is so apparent and the hope is so positive at the end of the poem. So glad you posted here.
    Might you add a Tag to your post, dVerse. Or include a comment at the end that indicates the poem is in response to a prompt at dVerse ( That way others can find their way to the site and you'll have more readers too!

  2. Very touching poem about a child wanting to ride, but not being physically able to.

  3. I hope it for the little kid... not easy when you cannot bounce with other kids

  4. To see the park from his perspective...not so "amusing" but it is hopeful !

  5. Very sad and I know what it's like. I have such bad knees (they need to be replaced) and because of it, one of my legs is crooked. I used to walk with a cane until I started to ride my bicycle. Now I am much better but still need both knees replaced. Still, my problem can be made better but many can't. I feel for them and hope they find their inner happiness like I have. It's not easy.

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